Mission X part of Top 5 Critic’s Choice of 2016

3. 1. 2017

Top 5 Critic’s Choice of 2016 / Annual Theatre Inventory by Theatre Critics and Professionals in »Delo«, the main Slovene daily newspaper

Anja Radaljac, literary and theatre critic
It is most probably true that this was not a typical choice. This was neither a large scale nor one of those productions, conceived in one of the central national theatres. It was not, for example, presented in a co-production between the SNG Drama (Slovenian National Theatre Drama) and the MGL (Ljubljana City Theatre). What was staged was not a classical drama. Mission X was not directed by one of the »great« Slovenian stage directors. It is, however, one of those rare performances that can leave its stamp and satisfy the spectators, although pushing them at the same time into a discomfort zone as well as forcing them to self-inquiry. Mission X is one of the most aesthetic performances, which I was able to see in the past few years, and simultaneously one of the most conceptually accomplished and easy to watch productions as well. Despite the fact that Mission X actually introduces extremely demanding humanistic and philosophical concepts and is, on the other side, quite simple as far as its story is concerned (as it contains almost no action), it is at the same time a performance with a fantastic, lively, breathing atmosphere that overwhelms its spectators.