New season program 2019/2020

28. 6. 2019
After a successful season, which turned out to be quite outstanding in terms of the record number of guest appearances, numerous international awards, shows that enthused both audiences and critics, as well as the celebration of our theatre’s 70th anniversary, we are about to start yet another one, which promises to be marked again by the diversity of both its performative expression and contents, showcased in ten novelties. We will thus stage ten sensually imaginative, playfully witty and magically unique stories, in which we will connect Slovenian and foreign literary novelties with the social present and consequentially highlight both the playful easiness and the burning sad reality of the situation we live in today.
We will tackle with great compassion our depths, voids, fears, which will be unfolding and kneading in front of our and consequentially our viewers’ eyes into somewhat more joyful discussions. Our theatre journey will take us across the fairy-tale, vivacious, mysterious, touching and the meaningful that will entrance young and adult audiences alike, through confronting them with exciting themes and multilayered experiences. Our exciting journey will thus take us through the countries of memory, the dimensions of the future and touch the unconscious spaces of the unique endlessness, fantastic boundlessness and dreamy omnipotence. We will search for a corner of the world, touched by a shooting star, and we will try to find a blue bird. Will she let us catch her? The blue bird is like a fortune that is hidden behind the tangible things.
The upcoming season will thus take us through the versatility of performative expressions that extend into the field of object theatre, while at the same time exploring the dimensions and transformations of materials, combining movement and body with the word, incorporating new technologies and versatile artistic genres, as well as expanding the space of staging with an increasingly engaged viewer, who no longer wishes to be left indifferent after his visit to the theatre. It has to touch him at least lightly and offer him a key to his essence. His response, whether it is enthusiastic, satisfied or reserved, is quite essential for our work. It is what we discuss backstage, before or after the performances, and sometimes even until late in the night. The same way as the viewer ponders about the show, he has seen, until late in the night.
Our first premiere, Lapland Fairy Tales, will be an empiric, musical and object show, directed by the renowned puppet stage director Matija Solce. It will showcase the tales, gathered in Lapland by their author Robert Crottet. The show's aim is to convey through its primeval playfulness, musicality and atmospheric colourfulness a message to the youngest viewers about the need to preserve the ecosystems, and also raise their awareness about the keeping and transmitting of the tales to the next generations. Based on their theatre experience and cultural ties in Scandinavia, the creative team will reproduce the musical and folk tradition of the disappearing culture.

To work with the puppet media in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre for the first time is Tomi Janežič who is considered by international critics to be one of the most interesting European theatre directors of his generation. This production is aimed to pay tribute to The Blue Bird, which was staged at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre back in 1963 to mark the pinnacle of the then puppet stage, and which was later on, in 1972, destined to disappear in flames. In its new stage version, the profound fairy tale, shining with its childhood poetry, returns to spread out to all our theatre’s venues with its mythical journey across the real-dreamlike ambiences.

Conceived in a co-production with the Anton Podbevšek Theatre from Novo mesto and directed by Magdalena Reiter will be a 'betweengenre' show Alice in Wonderland. It deals with the theme of a child's adulthood and his conflicts between his inner (mental and physical) and external (adult) world. The dreamlike space will map the modern world of adults through the child's eyes, as well as through searching for meaning in the world of nonsense, inconsistency and instability of norms. The creator will relate to the surrealist art, especially to the work of René Magritt and thus contradict the general assumptions about reality.

Miha Golobwill be continuing this season his journey through analogue playgrounds with his archetypal playground: Sandpit, in which he will rely on exploring and playing the material over and over again. The social elements of children's games are the basis of his staging logic that presents at its conceptual level the emerging and development of human civilization – from building physical space, through the settlement and arrangement of a common social system, whereas included and explored in the natural habitat will be the different uses of new technologies. Thus emerging from the intact grains of sand will be a very special - sandpit civilisation.

An award winning author and Assistant Professor at the Osijek Academy Acting and Puppet Department Tamara Kučinović will be directing The Seamstress of the Mist, created after the picture book by the famous French author Agnès de Lestrade and illustrator Valeria Docampo. It tacitly reveals to us through gentle sensibility and symbolism the fundamental human need to root out our void, which contains hidden distress and sorrow. It shows us that we can boldly enter it, illuminate it with a fraction of the light and see that there is no need in hiding it.

Some problem themes will also be touched upon by the marionette performance The Visitor, directed by Ivana Djilas, who has been intensively devoting herself, especially in recent years, to the shows for young people and children. It tells about the friendship between the elderly lady Mrs Elsa and the little boy Emil. Their unexpected meeting with warmth and colours of friendship goes beyond the generational frames and equally fills both lives. The performance also addresses the issue of loneliness, monotony and fear, showing that compassion can bring in countless colours into every life.

A new hit by the world-renowned Scottish writer Julia Donaldson The Smartest Giant in Townwill be directed on the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre stage by Jaka Ivanc. The narrative, based on a story about the blessings of unselfish help, gradually slides into a dynamic play of perspectives. The interweaving of distance and proximity, of small and large as well as of diverse dimensions will not only exalt the viewer's imagination, but also open up his perspective. The staging will also play with various puppet techniques, and stir up the entire stage with some songs, visual image and playful textual material.

Following his successful, reflexive and connecting projects Brainstorm and The Right to be a Human, bubbling this time at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is a joint theatre laboratory by stage director Primož Ekart and adolescents and mentors from the Residential Treatment Institution Planina that takes for its starting point the famous story Little Birds without a Nest by Fran Milčinski, dealing with young delinquents. Here we are, a little more than 100 years later, discussing the same themes in a similar context, yet in another time.
The adventurous romantic fairy tale Stardust by one of the best writers of fantasy tales Neil Gaiman is just about to develop with the help of the director and choreographer Mala Kline into a multimedia science fiction labyrinth. The performance will combine movement and text, body and video as well as address the audience with its intense stage images, sound landscapes and music.

The season will end with an installation of kinetic objects for an adult audience, In a Memory Loop. The authors of the project Meta Grgurevič and Maja Kunšič were inspired by the book The Man with the Shuttered World: the History of a Brain Wound by Russian neuropsychologist Alexander Luria, combining the diary notes by a wounded soldier. Due to a severe brain damage, he became a prisoner of his abstract images and lost his basic sense of meaning in life. In this installation the eternal patient's agony will be depicted through a moving kinetic platform and fragmented memories.
Robert Crottet
A Music, Object and Empiric Show
Directed by Matija Solce
November 2019, Veliki oder/Grand Stage LGL
Maurice Maeterlinck
A Mythical Journey
Directed by Tomi Janežič
LGL & Slovensko mladinsko gledališče
December 2019, different venues LGL
Lewis Carroll
A 'Betweengenre' Show
Directed and Choreographed by Magdalena Reiter
LGL & APT Novo mesto
January 2020, Oder pod zvezdami/Stage under the Stars LGL
Miha Golob
A Creative Analogue Playground
Directed by Miha Golob
February 2020
Oder pod zvezdami/Stage under the Stars LGL
Agnès de Lestrade & Valeria Docampo
A Puppet Show
Directed by Tamara Kučinović
March 2020, Mali oder/Small Stage LGL
Antje Damm
A Marionette Show
Directed by Ivana Djilas
March 2020, Grand Stage LGL
Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler
A Puppet Show
Directed by Jaka Ivanc
April 2020, Veliki oder/Grand Stage LGL
Fran Milčinski
A Theatre Performance
Directed by Primož Ekart
LGL v sodelovanju z Vzgojnim zavodom Planina/LGL in collaboration with the Residential Treatment Institution Planina
May 2020, Šentjakobski oder/St. Jacob's Stage LGL
Neil Gaiman
A Multimedia Science Fiction Labyrinth
Directed and Choreographed by Mala Kline
June 2020
Oder pod zvezdami/Stage under the Stars LGL
An Installation of Kinetic Objects
By Meta Grgurevič & Maja Kunšič
June 2020, for adults