The 2020/21 season at the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana

13. 10. 2020

With 13 premières planned for the 2020/21 season, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre ponders the endless questions on how nature works, stimulates our imagination, and inspires young spectators for art. The central themes of the forthcoming season are freedom, the issue of anthropocentrism, or the impact that humans and technology have on ecosystems, impermanence, dystopian scenarios, and the complexity and disorderliness of the world. 

Yellow Moon, the first première of the new season, was staged at the Dance and Theatre Centre of the Ljubljana Secondary School for Preschool Education, Secondary and Art Secondary School, which is the co-producer of this performance. The performance for young audiences, based on a love story written by Scottish author David Greig and translated by Tina Mahkota, was directed by Primož Ekart. In addition to the acting ensemble of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, the performance also included four young actors, secondary school students, and university students.

November will see the première of Still Life, a puppet performance for an adult audience in which the director Tin Gragnar employs radical performance approaches to ponder what is the inner force that we call life. How to understand the phenomenon and way of existence and its opposite—death? And finally, what does it mean to take this life away? The performance is co-produced with the Flota Institute.

The Visitor is a touching and subtle story about friendship, loneliness, fears, and monotony, written by the German author and illustrator Antja Damm and staged by director Ivana Djilas. The puppet performance is intended for children above the age of four years.

Originally programmed for last season, The Smartest Giant in Town, written by the famous duo Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, who our young spectators know for Gruffalo and Gruffalo’s Child and Room on the Broom, will also be staged in the forthcoming season. This time, too, the performance will be directed by Jaka Ivanc.

Director Miha Golob is staging a performance intended for children above the age of five years, entitled The Sand Pit, in which civilisation—from the creation of space to the process of settlement and establishment of a common system—will be illustrated with the simple principles of children’s play.

In the performance Syndrome KH, director Primož Ekart uses the motif as a source of inspiration to talk about the sensitive moment of dying, which is filled with reminiscence and confrontations with ourselves and the world. 

The adventurous narration about ruthless hunters of the illustrious white whale known as Moby Dick addresses the themes of the battle between man and nature, the relationship between animate and inanimate, and synergy. The puppet performance, created in a co-production of French, Norwegian and Slovenian creators, will see it première in October at the Norland Visual Theatre in Norway.

Stardust is a fantastic journey into the land of dreams, where everything is possible. The director Maja Kline reaches out to the spectator with intensive images, sound landscapes, and music.

Object and musical cabaret The Steadfast Tin Soldier, based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen, is being adapted by Matija Solce, who will also direct the performance. The Steadfast Tin Soldier is a love story which has a multitude of expressions and takes various unusual forms. The performance is a kind of a counterpoint of various voice phrases, a pop-up book of rhythmic text, animated objects, and forgotten toys. 

The performance Misogyny addresses hatred towards women just for the sake of their gender and raises the question of whether or not we can truly avoid this historical cognisance and rationale. The puppet performance for adult audiences, based on a text by Nebojša Pop Tasič, will be directed by Silvan Omerzu.

The performance Seamstress of the Mist, or the story of emptiness, was inspired by the picture book conceived by the famous French writer Agnès de Lestrade and illustrator Valeria Docampo. With its gentle sensibility and symbolism, the book uncovers the basic human need to conceal our hardship and sadness. The performance is directed by Tamara Kučinović.

This season, the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre will also stage the famous Wizard of Oz, which reminds us once again about the importance of building communities that enable individuals to take advantage of their gifts and talents, and become wholesome people with a purpose. The musical performance for children will be directed by Yulia Roschina. 

To conclude the season at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, the Italian maestro of shadow puppets Fabrizio Montecchi will visit once again, this time with his performance My Grandfather Was a Cherry Tree. It is through the deep connection of the boy and his peculiar grandfather, who can hear the tree breathing, that this story about life and death comes to life before us in colours and shadows. Its creator, one of the most famous Italian writers, Angela Nanetti, has written over thirty stories and novels and was awarded three Andersen Awards.