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Danes, v soboto, 10. 6. ob 18.00 žal odpade predstava ZVERJASEC.


JUNE 2023
Photo by Jaka Varmuž
Thursday, 8. 6. 2023
The performance Somewhere Else, directed by Tin Grabnar, is one of our festival hits. During this season, it visited as many as eight European festivals. Most recently we performed at the Edinburgh International Children's Festival, which took place between May 27 and June 4. Somewhere else was performed six times in three days, and the performance was also noticed by the English newspaper The Guardian.
MAY 2023
Photo by Jaka Varmuž
Monday, 29. 5. 2023
The performance My grandfather was a cherry tree was awarded four times at the InPuT festival in Karlovac, which took place between May 23 and 27. The jury awarded the performance for the best direction, lighting design, adaptation of the text and for the visual design.
APRIL 2023
Photo: QuiLivorno
Saturday, 15. 4. 2023
Last week Andrej Urbanc and Benjamin Zajc visited Livorno, Italy, where they attended the presentation events of Creative Europe's new project Sense (of) Sharing, run by the theatre company Orto degli Ananassi at Livorno's Teatro della Brigata. In addition to the Puppet Theatre of Ljubljana, the Teatro Paraiso in Spain (with which the LGL is already collaborating in the EU project Mapping) and the Italian Association for Social Work Linc scs Onlus are also participating in the project.