M.A.R (LUTKE 2022)Visual discourse on space, length 60 min

M.A.R, Foto Lara Padilla
M.A.R is a choreography of bodies and objects that we find in our homes and is preoccupied with the ways architecture really impacts our lives.

A family story that is also a techno-poetic reflection on spaces and their meaning, builds and transforms spaces, suggesting a journey into a past, ever-changing world. The performance is an imaginative, different and artistically challenging work based on the interaction with the audience, the calm rhythm of the soundtrack and the exploration of the mechanisms of memory. The artist invites the audience to sit down at the family table and offers them the opportunity to be seduced by different narrative forms and languages.

Andrea Díaz Reboredo is a director, set designer and visual artist. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University in Madrid, the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (Italy) and the University UDLAP in Puebla (Mexico). She translates her knowledge of the fine arts into a stage language that penetrates the world of theatre, where she explores the image as a carrier of knowledge and social memory, creating new dialogues between the work, the space and the spectator.

For 12+ and adults.
In Spanish with Slovenian translation.

Andrea Díaz Reboredo (Spain)
Creation and cast: Andrea Díaz Reboredo
Advice: Xavier Bobés Solá
Objects: Andrea&Pablo Reboredo(s)
Music: Dani Leon
Simultaneous interpretation from Spanish: Klara Kastelec