Exit (LUTKE 2022)Puppet Cabaret, length 50 min

Exit, Foto Martin Bambušek
An empty room, a priest, a puppet, paper, toys, Andersen. Puppet cabaret Exit is a daring harmony of live folk and electric music, objects and materials, stories and their echoes.

In the performance, each object is assigned a specific musical role, with the intention of functioning as a sound instrument and thus as a living being. In this way, each object is given a meaning in its own composition, which is made up of fragments of motifs from Andersen's stories. The leitmotifs are interpreted with the sounds of the objects, causing special kind of intimacy that constantly alternates with musical and cabaret pieces.

Fekete Seretlek was founded in 2004 and has performed at various music and theatre festivals around the world. Artistically, the group relies on reusing, reinterpreting and mixing motifs from world music to create their own original compositions. The group consists of six musicians and actors who graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts DAMU.

Studio DAMÚZA has been around since 1999, when it was founded by DAMU students to promote their work. As a production unit, it supports original theatre makers and ambitious projects by DAMU students and alumni. Our work focuses on original productions, especially puppet and object theatre for children and adults.

Part of European project Puppets & Design.

For adults.

Fekete Seretlek, Studio Damúza (The Czech Republic)
Direction: Matija Solce
Music: Matija Solce, Ivo Sedlaček in Fekete Seretlek
Set design: Jana Nunčič, Matija Solce, Jiří N. Jelínek
Cast: Anna Bubníková, Pavol Smolarik, Jan Meduna, Ivo Sedláček, Jiří N. Jelínek, Matija Solce