Puppetry on the EdgeA round table commemorating the publication of the 61st issue of the Lutka journal, length 90 min

Photo by Ajda Schmidt
On the occasion of the publication of the 61st issue of the journal on Puppetry Arts and Theatre of Animated Forms, Lutka, a round table with the meaningful title Puppetry on the Edge will take place. Puppeteers and theorists will discuss the most important trends and issues in contemporary puppetry production.

This year's issue of the journal - under the editorial eye of dramaturge, critic and curator Tjaša Bertoncelj - explores the border points at the level of practise, theory and politics that the art of puppetry often sets up and crosses in its essence. It retains its historical character as social commentary by taking up taboo subjects and pushing the boundaries of social discourse with subversive gestures. It responds to social reality with its potential for artistic protest and socially critical commentary. It follows the role of art that offers reflection and emphasises a just and solidary reality. Puppetry art can think alternatively, which is extremely important in our time. Thus, the journal Lutka offers a historical and contemporary overview of puppetry practises that embrace socially engaged theatre and, in the broadest sense, put their political character into practise.

The printed edition of the magazine is published in Slovenian and English, and the Croatian and Lithuanian versions are published digitally. In addition to Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana, partners from Croatia (Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayer, Akademija za umjetnost i kulturu Osijeku), Lithuania (Vilniaus Teatras "Lėlė" ) and Scotland (Puppet Animation Scotland) are involved in the publication, promotion and distribution of the journal.

In English.

The journal is published as part of the project EU Contemporary Puppetry Critical Plaftorm, supported by Creative Europe.

Moderator: Maša Jazbec