The Little PrincePoem of Love, length 40 min

The Little Prince, foto Jaka Varmuž
The text, written by the adventurer, pilot and star observer Antoin de Saint-Exupéry, or rather a story about a little boy who realised that »what is essential, is invisible to the eye” was first staged in the Puppet Theatre by Edi Majaron in 1979. The performance marked an important milestone in the development of Slovenian puppet art, boasting a minimalist set design and puppets of abstract form, created by sculptor Peter Černe. In its new, modern reinterpretation by director Yulia Roschina the performance will obtain a form of a fairy tale musical, inspired by the black and white imaginary pictures by painter and illustrator Alenka Sottler. Combining traditional and modern, bright and dark, abstract and realistic the young artist creates outstanding visuals, luring the viewer into the expanse of freedom and imagination. She weaves her landscapes with bundles of lines, letters, stamps and small sophisticated strokes, acting as fairy tale threads that help both children and adults to develop their visual sensibility.
Suggestive visual design will play with the expressive costumes, video projections and rich musical landscape of songs and sound atmospheres, created by Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar. Quality and topical artistic team, as proven by many awards (Yulia Roschina – Best Director Award at the Borštnik's Meeting; Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar and Alenka Sottler - the recipients of the Prešeren Fund Award; Matjaž Farič – the recipient of the Župančič Award …) will ensure an intense sensory experience of the Little Prince's story by thoroughly addressing the themes of freedom, solitude and friendship. One of the finest literary-philosophical visions will be thus subtly disclosing through all of its visual and puppet potential important observations about life and human nature.
Slovenian academic painter and illustrator Alenka Sotler is a recipient of numerous national and international awards, winner of the IBBY Honour List 2008 for her illustrations in the J. and E. Grimm's picture book Cinderella, nominee for the ALMA Award (2010) and Andersen Award (2012). Her bibliography in Cobbis comprises more than 80 titles.

Coproductions by Gradsko kazalište lutaka Reka
Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana in Gradsko kazalište lutaka Rijeka
Author: Jera Ivanc, following Antoin de Saint-Exupéry motifs
Director: Yulia Roschina
Set and Costume designer: Vasilija Fišer
Dramaturge: Staša Prah
Cast: Zala Ana Štiglic (LGL) and Tilen Kožamelj (Gradsko kazalište lutaka Rijeka)
Music, Sound Effects and Video: Mateja Starič
Choreographer: Magdalena Reiter
Proofread by: Metka Damjan
Lighting design and Photos: Jaka Varmuž
Text translation into Croatian: Magdalena Lupi Alvir
Stage speech advisor (Croatian language): Damir Orlić
Stage manager and Sound designer: Luka Bernetič / Damir Ševčer, Srđan Badurina
Lights: Niko Štabuc / Sanjin Seršić
Set technicians: Darko Nedeljković / Mirko Križan, Mihajlo Uzelac
Sound and lights: Željko Drakulić
Set and Costumes made by: Vladson, Irena Tomažin, Tanja Lakovnik
Dresser and Make-up artist: Daša Jordanovski, Nina Jordanovski
Producer: Ana Rokvić Pinterič
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