For Youth and Adults

Brainstorm, foto Matej Povše
Stage Under the Stars
Length 75 min
Ned Glasier, Emily Lim and Company Three
Brainstorm  12+
Director: Primož Ekart
Theatre adventure
Director Primož Ekart based the theatre adventure Brainstorm on the eponymous dramatic text by Ned Glaiser and Emily Lim. The original text was conceived by the London Production Company Three in collaboration with thirteen teenage actors. Its idea stemmed from the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience or rather findings how the brain function in adolescent years differs from that in adult years. There are apparently 86 billion of neurons triggering a wide range of daily changes during this fragile period of development, enabling at the same time an explosion of youthful creativity, boldness, excitement and courage.
Doctor Faustus
Grajsko gledališče
Length 60 min
Milan Klemenčič, based on 18th Century motifs
Director: Jelena Sitar
Puppetheque performance
The tale of a scholar who sold his soul to the devil has been inspiring European art for centuries. Today, the most famous reworking of the motif is considered to be the German legend based on Dr Johannes Faust, a historical figure from the early 16th century, whose life grew into a folk legend through German oral tradition, becoming the subject of countless retellings and interpretations. Milan Klemenčič adapted the Leipzig version of the puppet play and staged it in 1938 in his own Miniature Puppets Theatre. Get into the spirit of the great master and enjoy a puppetry masterpiece, which was revived by Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in 1982.
Foto Matej Povše
Length 60 min
Primož Ekart
Invisible  18+
Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana and Zavod Imaginarni
Directed by: Primož Ekart
Poetic drama
In his auteurist show, Invisible, director Primož Ekart deals with the delicate moments taking place when human life is running out, which teem with intense memories and reckoning over oneself and the world. It is a story of a woman who is invisible, always somewhere on the edge of life sliding by. Her departure will not be noticed by anyone either.
Misogyny, Illustration Tina Dobrajc
Nebojša Pop Tasić, Silvan Omerzu
Misogyny  18+
Directed by: Silvan Omerzu
Puppet performance
There’s a box in a black box. Another, multilevel venue is set into the contemporary theatre box. Equipped with puppets (robots), this box acts as a large machine producing fantasy, ritual space tricks, blurring the lines between the illusory and the real, between the micro and macro world. The performance, conceived as a mixture of a concert performance and a classic puppet performance, travels through history’s main expressions of misogyny, which is seeded in almost every loud and subtle, hidden corner of history. Through the stories of ancient times, Christianity, the Middle Ages and the modern age, the performance questions rooted ideologies and the culturally- conditioned essence of women. The performance addresses hatred towards women just for their gender and raises the question of whether or not we can truly avoid this historical cognisance and rationale.
Photo Christophe Raynaud de Lage
Herman Melville
Moby Dick  14+
Directed by: Yngvild Aspeli
Puppet performance
Moby Dick is a visual performance created by the Norwegian director Yngvild Aspeli, inspired by one of the most famous works by the American writer Herman Melville, written in 1851. A timeless classic depicting a fanatical battle between the savage captain Ahab and a white whale which ends with the captain’s death and the destruction of the ship symbolises a human battle with uncontrollable destiny.
Open the Owl
Stage Under the Stars
Length 50 min
Franz Pocci, Célia Houdart
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, TJP – Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace, Strasbourg (France)
Director: Renaud Herbin
Intermedia interpretation of The Castle of Owls (1936)
The performance Open the Owl brings back to stage the miniature characters from the performance Sovji grad (The Owl Castle), created by Slovenian puppeteer Milan Klemenčič back in 1936. (french subtitles)
Session Bulgakov, foto Jaka Varmuž
Tunnel LGL
Length 60 min
Matija Solce
Puppet-object brain-storming
Session Bulgakov is a reconstruction of the novel, set up on the dynamics of contrasts between burlesque and abstract images of object theatre, which remained on the ruins of the confusion, left behind by Satan and his accomplices. In its fragmentation and through the rhytmization of words, gestures and sounds it combines the associations on today’s obsessed world and the tragic side of everyman with his problems, fears and desires. A trio of actors, animators and musicians puts the spectators into the role of witnesses and eyewitnesses to specific events, leading them through some originally interpreted pictures of the novel at a dynamic pace.
Seven Questions About Happiness, photo Jaka Varmuž
Tunnel LGL
Length 420 min
Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana and Slovensko mladinsko gledališče
Direction and Dramaturgy: Tomi Janežič
A theatre journey following the motifs of Maurice Maeterlinck’s Blue Bird
Seven Questions About Happiness doesn’t ask questions, nor does it provide answers. Instead, the performance takes us on a fantasy journey through seven theatre lands where we can pose questions to ourselves and, if we wish, answer them as well.
Still Life
Stage Under the Stars
Length 60 min
Tin Grabnar, Tjaša Bertoncelj
Still Life  16+
Directed by: Tin Grabnar
Nine Attempts to Preserve Life
With its form and content, Tin Grabnar’s performance Still Life addresses the evasive question of the phenomenon of life. What is the inner force that we call life? What is life like? How to understand the phenomenon and way of existence and its opposite—death? And finally, what does it mean to take this life away? By exploring these questions, a sensible performance language takes shape—one that addresses fundamental questions of the existence of animals and at the same time strives to engender respect in the audience for all that we refer to as being alive.
The Little Prince, foto Jaka Varmuž
Small Stage LGL
Length 40 min
Jera Ivanc, following Antoin de Saint-Exupéry motifs
Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana in Gradsko kazalište lutaka Rijeka
Director: Yulia Roschina
Poem of Love
The masterpiece, signed by the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, was adapted for stage by Jera Ivanc, whereas the final text for this particular production was conceived by Yulia Roschina and Staša Prah. The invisible essence of the story of life and death, growing up, taking responsibility and searching for meaning were discovered by the creators of the show, led by director Yulia Roschina, through apparent antagonisms – between loyal and authorial reading, between book and theatre, between direction and word, between silence and music, between actor and image, between man and nature, between oneself and another, between man and his own self.
Power, photo Urška Boljkovac
Vadbenica LGL
Length 60 min
The Power  18+
Authors, directors, actors: Jiří Zeman and Martina Maurič Lazar
A Puppet Miniature
In this performance the creators explore the field of an intimate puppet-object theatre. They found the materials that allow a double glimpse into the theme of power, the objects that enlarge or reduce, draw nearer or distance, hide or reveal the seen.
The Right to be a Human, foto Mankica Kranjec
Šentjakobski oder LGL
Length 90 min
Director: Mare Bulc
An Original Play by Young Authors
What does it mean to be human—not in some abstract, philosophical sense, but on a purely concrete, ordinary, down-to-earth level? What does it mean to be young—in this time, in this place? Where does theatre take place nowadays and who is creating and performing it? What spaces does it open, what questions does it raise? Who is the one that speaks (their mind) and who is the listener?
The Rite of Spring, photo Jaka Varmuž
Stage Under the Stars
Length 45 min
Igor Stravinski
Director: Matjaž Farič
A Puppet Ballet
This puppet ballet was conceived to the music by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky who composed one of the most controversial musical pieces in the history of musical art in the beginning of the 20th century. Today, it seems almost unbelievable that this highly popular and esteemed composition was considered as scandalous at its world premiere, that the choreography, conceived by Vaclav Nijinsky, was regarded as catastrophic, and that the music itself was misunderstood.
Yellow Moon, foto Mankica Kranjec
Sr. vzgojiteljska šola, gimn. in umetniška gimn. Ljubljana
Length 105 min
David Greig
The theatre laboratory of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in collaboration with the Planina Residential and Counselling Centre Co-produced by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and the Ljubljana Secondary School for Preschool Education, Secondary and Art Secondary School
Director: Primož Ekart
A Dramatic Performance
Yellow Moon: The Ballad of Leila and Lee is a love story. A story of two teenagers who find each other just as one of them is facing dire life changes. Lee is 17. He lives with his mother and her boyfriend, cherishing the memory of his father who left when Lee was five years old. His father left behind a hat with a deer patch and a postcard of a mansion in the Scottish Highlands. “My father is the king of Glasgow and this is his mansion,” says Lee. It is in the mansion that he seeks comfort at a time of his greatest hardship. On his way there, he is joined by Lejla—the “quiet Lejla”, a Muslim girl who never speaks. Lejla comes from a well-off family and she wants the world to notice her. She wishes to be seen and heard, and to arouse interest in people. Lejla and Lee find each other, but dark times are down the road. The past is after them and they will have a hard time escaping it.