For Youth and Adults

At the Still Point of the Turning World
Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana
Length 60 min
TJP Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace Strasbourg, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens – Pôle européen de création et de production, Théâtre de Sartrouville et des Yvelines – Centre dramatique National in Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
Conceived and Directed by: Renaud Herbin
Dance and Puppet Poetry
A drawn space, an abstract field, composed of hundreds of suspended marionettes. In this visual and choreographic project the marionettes form a compact, motionless community and illustrate a metaphor for hanging time, or beings, waiting to evolve into something that no longer belongs to them. What will the passing of the giant human beings bring? It is a story about the tension between the peace and turmoil, the human and motionless material world as well as the determined forces that make us move one way or another. Non verbal.
Brainstorm, foto Matej Povše
Stage Under the Stars
Length 75 min
Ned Glasier, Emily Lim and Company Three
Brainstorm  12+
Director: Primož Ekart
Theatre adventure
Director Primož Ekart based the theatre adventure Brainstorm on the eponymous dramatic text by Ned Glaiser and Emily Lim. The original text was conceived by the London Production Company Three in collaboration with thirteen teenage actors. Its idea stemmed from the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience or rather findings how the brain function in adolescent years differs from that in adult years. There are apparently 86 billion of neurons triggering a wide range of daily changes during this fragile period of development, enabling at the same time an explosion of youthful creativity, boldness, excitement and courage.
Crime and Punishment, foto Željko Stevanić
Tunnel LGL
Length 270 min
Fjodor Mihajlovič Dostojevski
Director: Mirjana Medojević
Site-specific performance
Best Performance in the 2016/2017 Season according to the Association of Theatre Critics and Theatrologists
Doctor Faustus
Grajsko gledališče
Length 60 min
Milan Klemenčič, based on 18th Century motifs
Director: Jelena Sitar
Puppetheque performance
The tale of a scholar who sold his soul to the devil has been inspiring European art for centuries. Today, the most famous reworking of the motif is considered to be the German legend based on Dr Johannes Faust, a historical figure from the early 16th century, whose life grew into a folk legend through German oral tradition, becoming the subject of countless retellings and interpretations. Milan Klemenčič adapted the Leipzig version of the puppet play and staged it in 1938 in his own Miniature Puppets Theatre. Get into the spirit of the great master and enjoy a puppetry masterpiece, which was revived by Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in 1982.
Ivan Cankar: The Servant Jernej and his Justice
Cankarjev dom, Štih Hall
Length 60 min
Žiga Divjak, based on the motifs of Cankar's The Servant Jernej and his Justice
Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre, University of Ljubljana, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Director: Žiga Divjak
Dramatic Performance
In today's era of overall cynicism and complete »naturalisation« of law and economy, when we are silently renouncing the once hard fought for rights, it seems rather essential to tell this almost biblical story about the servant Jernej and his justice. Who are the modern servants Jernejs? What kinds of business models are enabling the modern slavery? Is the hand to mouth life, still life worth living? The performance offers an insight beyond the borders of the mental and social ghetto – into the working environments, where the servant-master relationship is far from being surpassed. If we fail to pass these borders, we will find it difficult to survive as a society. Stage director Žiga Divjak approached this project, which became a part of his Master's thesis, with a research that brought him to a conclusion that the precariat is limited neither to a certain field of work nor generationally.
Little Birds Without a Nest
Fran Milčinski
LGL in collaboration with the Residential Treatment Institution Planina
Director: Primož Ekart
A Dramatic Performance
Some nestless little birds have serious problems. Some of them even express them with violence. Despite the efforts, various institutions, institutes, homes and care centres are many times helpless and thus often leaving adolescents locked away. They remain in this vicious circle until they get a suitable support, through which they are finally blessed with a sense of acceptance, love and appropriate professional help.
Margarita, foto Jaka Varmuž
Stage Under the Stars
Length 180 min
Margarita  18+
Director, lighting, set and costume designer: Mirjana Medojević
A Theatre Gospel
Margarita, a Theatre Gospel follows through the drama theatre the paths of Margarita Nikolayevna, as depicted in the second part of Bulgakov’s novel. Put in the forefront is the demystification of the novel, the creative process and the performance itself, which literally “calls a devil”. It creates a dangerous ground, a playing ground, where it also plays with its audience.
Once We Got Lost, foto: Miha Fras
Stage Under the Stars
Length 70 min
Lotte Faarup
Director: Anja Suša
Dramatic performance
Once We Got Lost is an astonishing, poetical and touching story about growing up far too quickly, written by the Danish playwright and stage director Lotte Faarup. It is a story about two children, who try to save their parents’ marriage and eventually get lost in the chaos of the grownups’ quarrels. The drama features a divorce as seen through children’s eyes, discussing freely, frankly and vividly what is actually happening behind the doors of the children’s room, when a war between the separated parents in raging in front of them, when the family idyll is replaced by jealousy, hidden aggression, fury and despair. Suddenly faced with a world that turns upside down, the two children (brother and sister) deal with their losses and stormy feelings in their own way.
Open the Owl
Stage Under the Stars
Length 50 min
Franz Pocci, Célia Houdart
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, TJP – Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace, Strasbourg (France)
Director: Renaud Herbin
Intermedia interpretation of The Castle of Owls (1936)
The performance Open the Owl brings back to stage the miniature characters from the performance Sovji grad (The Owl Castle), created by Slovenian puppeteer Milan Klemenčič back in 1936. (french subtitles)
Pink Triangle (Bent)
Cankarjev dom, Kosovel Hall
Length 100 min
Martin Sherman
ŠKUC Theatre, Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre/Collage Institute
Director: Alen Jelen
Dramatic Performance
Pink Triangle (originally entitled as Bent, 1979) by American playwright Martin Sherman is one of the most important dramatic works of the LGBT-canon. Sherman wrote his work in the time, when the world was hardly aware of the Nazi persecution of homosexuals. After the war, when the allies abolished all Nazi laws and left the old ones, the ban on homosexuality also remained in effect. All those who were interned for homosexuality, and managed to survive and return to their homes, were unable to reveal why they were sent to the concentration camps. The performance brings to the foreground a love story in the pre-war Germany, at the time when the National Socialists took over the power, and exposes the history of the Homocaust, in which thousands of LGBT people were marked with the notorious pink triangle and sent to the death camps. Pink Triangle (Bent) is a timeless play about love, humanity, weakness and hope, but also about the fact that the prejudice and intolerance from the darkest period of the 20th century could easily recur. It also reminds us that accepting oneself is actually a main prerequisite for the fight against all forms of repression.
Session Bulgakov, foto Jaka Varmuž
Tunnel LGL
Length 60 min
Matija Solce
Puppet-object brain-storming
Session Bulgakov is a reconstruction of the novel, set up on the dynamics of contrasts between burlesque and abstract images of object theatre, which remained on the ruins of the confusion, left behind by Satan and his accomplices. In its fragmentation and through the rhytmization of words, gestures and sounds it combines the associations on today’s obsessed world and the tragic side of everyman with his problems, fears and desires. A trio of actors, animators and musicians puts the spectators into the role of witnesses and eyewitnesses to specific events, leading them through some originally interpreted pictures of the novel at a dynamic pace.
The Blue Bird
Maurice Maeterlinck
LGL & Slovensko mladinsko gledališče
Director: Tomi Janežič
A Mythical Journey
This profound fairy tale that shines with its specific childhood poetry was first staged in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre back in 1964 to mark the pinnacle of the then marionette stage. It was created by the three great artists of that time: stage director Jože Pengov, musician Uroš Kek and fine artist France Mihelič. The latter spiced up Maeterlinck's new romantic fabulousness with a touch of contemporary grotesque surrealism and received for the performance's visual design the highest Slovenian recognition given by the state for culture – the Prešeren Award. The performance, which showed the unprecedented power of puppetry, disappeared in flames together with another historical performance The Sleepy Little Star in 1972.
The Little Prince, foto Jaka Varmuž
Small Stage LGL
Length 40 min
Jera Ivanc, following Antoin de Saint-Exupéry motifs
Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana in Gradsko kazalište lutaka Rijeka
Director: Yulia Roschina
Poem of Love
The masterpiece, signed by the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, was adapted for stage by Jera Ivanc, whereas the final text for this particular production was conceived by Yulia Roschina and Staša Prah. The invisible essence of the story of life and death, growing up, taking responsibility and searching for meaning were discovered by the creators of the show, led by director Yulia Roschina, through apparent antagonisms – between loyal and authorial reading, between book and theatre, between direction and word, between silence and music, between actor and image, between man and nature, between oneself and another, between man and his own self.
Power, photo Urška Boljkovac
Vadbenica LGL
Length 60 min
The Power  18+
Authors, directors, actors: Jiří Zeman and Martina Maurič Lazar
A Puppet Miniature
In this performance the creators explore the field of an intimate puppet-object theatre. They found the materials that allow a double glimpse into the theme of power, the objects that enlarge or reduce, draw nearer or distance, hide or reveal the seen.
The Right to be a Human, foto Mankica Kranjec
Šentjakobski oder LGL
Length 90 min
Director: Mare Bulc
An Original Play by Young Authors
On 10th December 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, outlining basic rights of any human being regardless of race, religion, economic status or any other variable, defining the human being with regard to the context, into which he or she is born and/or in which he or she lives. The declaration presents one of the foundations of the society after the Second World War, written with an intention to prevent the horrors that caused the havoc in the world in the first half of the 20th century happening ever again. 70 years later, the time has come to see in what way the Declaration is integrated in the modern society and how well young people know it and understand it.
The Rite of Spring, photo Jaka Varmuž
Stage Under the Stars
Length 45 min
Igor Stravinski
Director: Matjaž Farič
A Puppet Ballet
This puppet ballet was conceived to the music by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky who composed one of the most controversial musical pieces in the history of musical art in the beginning of the 20th century. Today, it seems almost unbelievable that this highly popular and esteemed composition was considered as scandalous at its world premiere, that the choreography, conceived by Vaclav Nijinsky, was regarded as catastrophic, and that the music itself was misunderstood.