The Melancholy of the Tourist (LUTKE 2022)Documentary performance, length 85 min

The Melancholy of the Tourist, Foto Oligor y Microscopía
The Melancholy of the Tourist is a decomposition of those moments and objects that shape our idea of paradise.

A journey through the secret life of objects, landscapes and lost paradises creates a supercut of images of that which no longer exists and is slowly fading and that can only be experienced as fragments in memory. How many seconds does it take to create and lose paradise? This sensual, documentary performance is an intimate journey created as a result of fieldwork conducted in multiple holiday resorts that are now falling into disrepair. There, the artists have collected a series of traces that tell of the highs and lows of these mental fantasies.

Oligor y Microscopía arose from the union of Jomi Oligor (Hnos. Oligor – Spain) and Shaday Larios (Microscopía Teatro – Mexico) in 2013. Their ever-changing poetry emerges from the sum of fascinations in which the plastic gaze and poetic technique are interwoven with the search for the memory of objects, the affections they hold and their ability to speak about people and their community.

For 12+ and adults.
In Spanish with English surtitles.
Oligor y Microscopía (Spain, Mexico)
Creation, direction and cast: Shaday Larios, Jomi Oligor
Poetic collaboration: Ángel Hernández
Inventive collaboration: Ivan Puig, Jordi Fondevila
Music and sound collaboration: Suetszu & Jayrope
Drawings: Pepe Oligor
Photography: Oligor y Microscopía, David Continente
Coproduction: Oligor y Microscopía, Patronato Municipal de las Artes Escénicas y de la Imagen del Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza, Iberescena, Festival Grec de Barcelona, Le Parvis, Temporada Alta 2019 and Pyrenart