Something Softens (LUTKE 2022)Visual poetry, length 35 min

Something Softens, Foto Benoît Schupp
Something Softens is a short visual-sound poem for marionettes, in which the abstracted dance of a miniature puppet stimulates the viewer's imagination.

The performance,the perspective of which is chosen by the audience, focuses on the theatrical potential of light, with the string puppet shifting from the role of a three-dimensional object to that of a shadow, which in turn radically thwarts the traditional understanding of its animation. When the tiny creature is confronted with a rock of infinite light that has no edge except at the edge of the screen, the archaic principles of optics begin to reveal the mysteries of reality. With a rich musical creation and measured passages of poetry, the production explores an inverted world where gravity pulls us upwards, creating images where blur is the rule and sharpness is the event.

Renaud Herbin is a puppeteer and former director of TJP Strasbourg - Centre Dramatique National d'Alsace. He aims to showcase the richness of contemporary performance creativity and is known for his distinctive visual language, which can usually be experienced as an interplay of puppetry, acting, dance, sound and visual elements.

For 8+ and adults.
In English with a Slovenian translation.

Renaud Herbin / TJP CDN Strasbourg-Grand Est (France)
Concept, text, direction: Renaud Herbin
Puppets: Hélène Barreau
Music: Sir Alice
Research and construction: Sophie Prietz, Anthony Latuner, Éric Fabacher
Cast: Rafi Martin
Production: Mathilde Mangeot / TJP – Centre Dramatique National de Strasbourg – Grand Est, La Maison des Métallos – Paris