Nellie GoodbyeDramatic performance, length 90 min

Nellie Goodbye, foto: Mankica Kranjec
The performance Nellie Goodbye is a glimpse behind the curtain, revealing a creative collective, which invites the audience to be present at its band's rehearsals. It is a story about a torn, obstinate and individualistic generation, which although desperately trying to create together, keeps stumbling either into its own barriers or the ones brought about by fate, into which it is stuck. A disease thwarts the youthful plans, forcing the members of the band to reconsider their decisions.
PREMIERE: 12th April 2016, Stage under the Stars
Author: Lutz Hübner
Director: Jaša Koceli
Composer: Miha Petric
Songs: Gašper Torkar
Cast: Asja Kahrimanović / Klara Kastelec a. g., Matevž Müller, Lena Hribar a. g., Sara Gorše a. g., Jernej Čampelj a. g.
Scenography: Darjan Mihajlović Cerar
Costumes: Branka Pavlič
Dramaturgy: Eva Mahkovic
Translator: Anja Naglič
Language Coach: Irena Androjna Mencinger
Lighting Design: Kristjan Vidner
Foto: Mankica Kranjec