The Devilish Triptych

The Devilish Triptych
The Devilish Triptych is an omnibus of three events related to the topic of The Master and Margarita (1966). The intention of breaking down the novel is above all in presenting the different perceptions of the story in the narrower and the broader context of today’s state of society. This is precisely what the devil asks himself in the novel and consequently what Bulgakov asked when he wrote it. Perhaps this is the main reason for such a long-lasting censorship of The Master and Margarita.The Triptych first and foremost involves an exploration of theatre as a medium for social self-reflection; it is like a laboratory making social diagnoses in the context of today’s society and its defects.
Like in Dante, the structure will be divided into three stages, which could be paraphrased as Paradise (in The Devilish Triptych named Sanatorium Sanctus), Purgatory (Séance Bulgakov) and Hell (Margarita). Compared to Dante, the spectator will move in the opposite direction – increasingly closer to Hell. Starting in the Sanatorium, today’s world of illusions, anonymity and sterility, the spectator will continue through Séance Bulgakov – a séance of black magic and consumerist entertainment – and thus return to Margarita, who will receive the spectator at the spectator’s benefactor, the Devil.

Each of the three parts has its own style: the first is primarily an interactive multimedia installation of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre building, the second foregrounds object theatre and music, while the third is based on dramatic theatre. Each part has its own approach to the role of the actor and Bulgakov’s topic. The first two parts examine the topic through the perspective of popular archetypes of the present, while the third delves deep into the novel and the relation between the master and Margarita. This is why the parts can be carried out separately: as “Séance Bulgakov”, as “Margarita” or as an omnibus of the two parts with the introductory installation “Sanatorium Sanctum”.

Matija Solce is a travelling puppeteer, actor, musician and director who obtained his PhD from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. With his out-of-the-suitcase performances and his accordion, he has circled the globe a few times already and performed for the most diverse audiences. In his works, he extends the concept of “puppet theatre” to the concept of “subject theatre”. In the latter case, a puppet can be an object, a sound, an actor, a spectator, a movement or ultimately simply a puppet.

The director and playwright Mirjana Medojević graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje, and then continued her studies at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, under the mentorship of Tomi Janežič. At LGL, she presented her MA production
Crime and Punishment.

Premiere: June 2018, Various LGL venues
Directors: Matija Solce and Mirjana Medojević
Author: Based on the motifs of The Master and Margarita by M. A. Bulgakov
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