The Master and MargaritaIntermedia omnibus, length 180 min

The Master and Margarita, foto Jaka Varmuž
The production of The Master and Margarita, divided between an interactive journey, visual installations and an object theatre - The Devilish Triptych, directed by Matija Solce and a theatre gospel Margareta, directed by Mirjana Medojević, is designed for adult viewers.

  • An intermedia installation and a performance at the same time, The Devilish Triptych  presents a unique communication between architecture, space and various performative expressions – including a concert, projections, large marionettes, object theatre and interactive visual installations. Incorporated in it are practically all the venues in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, which is thus vivified in a multi-layered way; as a total, inverted theatre, without a boundary line between the viewers and the performers, the stage and the auditorium; as a building with its distinctive features, gaining new contents through reinstating into yet another context, and as the animation of viewers, who - sometimes freely and at other times forced by the performance -, move around the spaces, invigorating them with their activity and reflection. As far as the story is concerned, Triptych predominantly depicts the first part of the novel. It is interpreted through the prism of impressions, built by its creators – set designer Tomáš Žižka and stage director Matija Solce, drawing both on personal stories by Bulgakov and Klemenčič on one side and the building of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre - as an organism and a constantly changing structure -, on the other.

  • The third part of the staging, divided from its first two parts,  Margareta, a Theatre Gospel, is a piece, directed by Mirjana Medojević, following through the drama theatre Margareta Nikolayevna's paths in the second part of Bulgakov's novel. Put in the forefront is as the demystification of the novel as well as of the creative process and the performance itself, which literary provokes the »devil«. It creates a dangerous ground, a playing ground, in which it also plays with its viewers. Margareta likes to play and if you want to follow her story … Let him come, if he wants to … The Devil!

When purchasing the tickets, kindly choose the part of the production you would like to see: The Devilish Triptych or Margareta, A Theatre Gospel.When purchasing your tickets online, kindly click at the performance Master and Margareta to open the field with two titles:  The Devilish Triptych or Margareta, A Theatre Gospel. Choose the part you would like to see. In case you decide to see both parts of the performance, kindly purchase your tickets for another date available.  

The novel Master and Margareta is one of the most recognisable Russian masterpieces of the 20th century, standing at the peak of the literary oeuvre of Mikhail Afanasyevich Bulgakov. It is a story, presented in three parts and many chapters. If it were a dramatic text, it would be a so called »station drama«,more characteristic of expressionism. In his work Bulgakov drew substantially on (literary) history – he found his central motifs in the characters of Jesus and Pontius Pilates, quoted Pushkin many times, and quite obviously, referred to Faustus in his dynamics Devil – Artist – Margareta. An interesting fact about this novel is that it was presented more frequently on puppet theatre rather than on drama theatre stages around the world.  

Matija Solce is a travelling puppeteer, actor, musician and stage director who has earned his PhD degree at the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Prague. His performances from the suitcase and accordion have taken him around the world where he has performed for diverse audiences. In his performances he expands the concept of »puppet theatre« into the concept of »object theatre«. In this case a marionette can be an object, a sound, an actor, or a viewer, a movement or ultimately – a marionette itself.

Stage director and playwright Mirjana Medojević graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje (Montenegro) and continued her education at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, under the mentorship of Tomi Janežič. She presented her master production Crime and Punishment in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.

Visual artist and set designer Tomáš Žižka is predominantly devoting himself to site-specific theatre in non-traditional theatre spaces as well as to the implementation of theatre in different spatial and social contexts. He is a founder of the site-specific programme at the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Prague, where he teaches set design.  

Premiere: June 2018, Various LGL venues

The Devil's Triptych
Conceived by: Tomáš Žižka, Matija Solce
Directed and Adapted by: Matija Solce
Installations, Set and Costume Designer: Tomáš Žižka
Video, Puppet and Animation Designer: Brane Solce 

Performed by: Gašper Malnar, Miha Arh, Filip Šebšajevič, Iztok Lužar, Jernej Kuntner, Maja Kunšič, Zala Ana Štiglic, Jan Bučar, Aja Kobe, Rok Kunaver, Lovro Finžgar, the Police Orchestra, Partisan choir and the Primorska Academic Choir Vinko Vodopivec.

Margareta, a Theatre Gospel
Director, Lighting, Set and Costume Designer: Mirjana MendojevićMusic: Ina Puntar, Vid Drašler, Nil Ferro Seliškar

Performed by: Tamara Avguštin, Nina Skrbinšek, Sonja Kononenko, Mirjana Medojević, Ina Puntar, Vid Drašler
Author: Based on the motifs of The Master and Margarita by M. A. Bulgakov
Directors: Matija Solce and Mirjana Medojević
Concept, set and costumes design, instalations: Tomáš Žižka