MargaritaA Theatre Gospel, length 180 min

Margarita, foto Jaka Varmuž
Margarita, a Theatre Gospel follows through the drama theatre the paths of Margarita Nikolayevna, as depicted in the second part of Bulgakov’s novel. Put in the forefront is the demystification of the novel, the creative process and the performance itself, which literally “calls a devil”. It creates a dangerous ground, a playing ground, where it also plays with its audience.

Director, lighting, set and costume designer: Mirjana Medojević
Igrajo: Tamara Avguštin a. g., Nina Skrbinšek, Sonja Kononenko, Mirjana Medojević, Ina Puntar, Vid Drašler
Composers: Ina Puntar, Vid Drašler, Nil Ferro Seliškar
Stage manager and sound designer: Vid Kozelj
Lights: Niko Štabuc