Ivan Cankar: The Servant Jernej and his JusticeDramatic Performance, length 60 min

Ivan Cankar: The Servant Jernej and his Justice
In today's era of overall cynicism and complete »naturalisation« of law and economy, when we are silently renouncing the once hard fought for rights, it seems rather essential to tell this almost biblical story about the servant Jernej and his justice. Who are the modern servants Jernejs? What kinds of business models are enabling the modern slavery? Is the hand to mouth life, still life worth living? The performance offers an insight beyond the borders of the mental and social ghetto – into the working environments, where the servant-master relationship is far from being surpassed. If we fail to pass these borders, we will find it difficult to survive as a society. Stage director Žiga Divjak approached this project, which became a part of his Master's thesis, with a research that brought him to a conclusion that the precariat is limited neither to a certain field of work nor generationally.
Commission's Argumentation

This original project takes the famous Cankar's story as a starting point for a research and (theatrical) reflection on the condition, modes and value of work today. Instead of Cankar's Jernej, it rather features voices of many outlawed workers of our time. The documentary staging clearly outlines the relevant topic of precarious work and exploitation in employment relationships, which mercilessly subordinate human resources in various professional areas to systemic machinery and capital interests. It thus establishes an engaged attitude towards the chosen theme and the environment in which we live, and simultaneously absorbs the viewers through the minimalist setting of the repetitive walking in circles on stage into the violent nature of the physical act, as well as creates a powerful effect with metaphorical assumptions and the exhausting rhythmical rotation.

Premiere: 26th September 2018
Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre, University of Ljubljana, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
Author: Žiga Divjak, based on the motifs of Cankar's The Servant Jernej and his Justice
Director: Žiga Divjak
Performed by: Minca Lorenci, Gregor Zorc, Iztok Drabik Jug
Music by: Damir Avdić
Set Design: Tina Mohorović
Lighting Design: David Orešič
Costume Design: Slavica Janošević
29.09.2019 at 20:00
Stage: Cankarjev dom, Štih Hall