Sonia and Alfredo (LUTKE 2022)Shadow performance, length 50 min

Sonia and Alfredo, Foto Serena Groppelli
The shadow performance Sonia and Alfred is the story of a funny and strange bird that no longer has a home: He is looking for a place to stay but is rejected by everyone until, deep in the forest, he meets Sonia, who never leaves her house.

With simple gestures and a touching sobriety, the shadowy figures on white canvas deal with the big issues of life and consider the possible outcomes of simple acts of kindness. This simple but powerful production speaks sensually about what happens when one experiences exclusion and loneliness; about the warm feeling of finding a new home or a new friend; about finding the courage to face unfamiliar experiences for the benefit of another.

Theatre director Fabrizio Montecchi, one of the most important players in the field of contemporary shadow theatre, was born in Italy in 1960, where he studied stage design and architecture. While studying architecture in Venice, he joined the Teatro Gioco Vita theatre group in Piacenza. He has worked as a director and set designer with many important theatres in Italy and abroad.

Founded in 1971, Teatro Gioco Vita specialises in the genre of shadow puppetry and has collaborated with renowned theatre, puppet and opera companies throughout its long history. Their vision focuses on opening new production horizons in the arts for children. Their productions have toured in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, Israel, Taiwan, Turkey and throughout Europe.

For the kids 4+.
In Italian with Slovenian surtitles.

Teatro Gioco Vita (Italy)
Based on: Catherine Pineur
Theatrical adaptation: Enrica Carini, Fabrizio Montecchi
Direction and set design: Fabrizio Montecchi
Directing assistance: Tiziano Ferrari
Shadow puppets: Nicoletta Garioni, Federica Ferrari (taken from Catherine Pineur’s drawings)
Music: Paolo Codognola
Costume design: Tania Fedeli
Lighting design: Anna Adorno
Cast: Deniz Azhar Azari, Tiziano Ferrari
Coproduction: Teatro Gioco Vita and MAL – Maison des Arts du Léman (Thonon – Évian)