The Big Bang (LUTKE 2022)Puppet cinema performance, length 45 min

The Big Bang, Foto Tal Shahar
The Big Bang takes us back to the time of creation of the universe after the Big Bang. In this universe, a planet was born. There in a thriving world of its curious inhabitants, cities and cultures, we can observe a peaceful life of a little robot and his dog – until one day danger appears: it starts to rain.

How will this world of metal react to water? What will happen to the robot and its companion in the face of a climate change? The Big Bang is a synergy of puppet theatre and science that imagines its world through various electrical devices and robots. The performance not only raises the question of how life came to be, but also how it will end.

Officially established in 2000, but counting its history since 1991, Klaipėda Puppet Theatre is a young independent Lithuanian theatre that is constantly searching for the new ways of puppetry expression.It is the only professional repertory puppet theatre in Western Lithuania, performing productions for all ages as part of its annual programme. The theatre's repertoire includes interpretations of classics as well as contemporary foreign and national authors. Since 1997 it has also organised the important biennial puppet festival Materia Magica.

The Itim Ensemble was founded in 1989 by theatre director and choreographer Rina Yerushalmi and set designer Moshe Sternfeld. It is Israel's leading experimental theatre, focusing on reinterpretations of classical texts and the search for new performance languages that reflect the complex experiences of our time.

For the kids 5+.
Klaipėda Puppet Theatre (Lithuania), Itim Ensemble (Israel)
Concept and direction: Zvi Sahar, PuppetCinema
Set design, directing assistance and co-creation: Aušra Bakanaitė
Puppets: Aušra Bakanaitė, Marbeyad Studio
Music: Kobe Shmueli
Lighting design: Scahar Peggy Montlake, Paulius Vendelis
Co-creation and cast: Monika Mikalauskaitė-Baužienė, Vytautas Kairys, Kęstutis Bručkus