In Mixed Lines (LUTKE 2022)A drawn adventure, length 30 min

Théâtre Désaccordé
What if the world were drawn with lines?

With simple, short, solitary lines? In an intimate space, the youngest viewers take their pens in hand and draw lines inspired by their own ideas. Their creative freedom creates a space into which a scientist enters and explores the artwork like a constellation, a kind of map that is at once familiar and foreign. The child, the creator of the lines, becomes a spectator of what the lines tell, but also a co-creator of the performance. The performance gently leads the audience on the traces of a child's creative energy, which is rooted in one of the first artistic instincts of man - painting.

Le Théâtre Désaccordé is a theatre collective from Aubagne based on the principles of shadow theatre. It was founded in 2008 by the set and puppet designer Sandrine Maunier and the director and actor Rémi Lambert. Their ombrographic work is based on questioning the transition between reality and theatrical fiction and strives for a permanent nomadism in their performances. Their productions are created with the active involvement of the audience, especially children. The collective is the founder of Polema, a regional association for puppetry and object theatre.

Concept and script: Rémi Lambert, Sandrine Maunier, Philippe Guillot
Direction: Rémi Lambert
Set design: Sandrine Maunier, Philippe Guillot
Music: Addie
Sound design: Gilles Daumas
Costume design: Marie-Pierre Morel-Lab
Cast: Sonia Pintor, Amélie de Vautibault (in alternation)