Speckles The Ball

Speckles The Ball
At the very edge of the town there is a house, small as a cage, clean as a whistle and delicate as a flower. Granny and Granddad live in this house.
They have no children and they are all alone – until one day, a ball flies in through the window. It has arms, it has a mouth, eyes and such nice speckles that they name her Speckles the Ball. Then Rascal the Kite flies by and takes Speckles to his lair… and then the children come and help Granny and Granddad save Speckles the Ball.

Premiere: 31.03.1951, Season 1951/52
Director: Jože Pengov
Author: Jan Malik
Puppets designed and made by: Ajša Pengov
Music: Bojan Adamič
Performers: Peter Dougan
, Polonca Kores
, Marko Velkavrh, 
Jernej Slapernik, 
Urška Hlebec/Asja Kahrimanović, 
Nadja Vidmar, 
Božo Vovk, 
Brane Vižintin, 
Iztok Jereb
Stage manager: Zvonimir Urbič
Lights design: Božidar Miler
Stage technicians: Darko Nedeljković, Slobodan Ilić, Slavko Milošič, Andrej Slinkar, Iztok Vrhovnik
Set made by: Lado Skrušny
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