Little Salamander Goes Across The Road

Little Salamander Goes Across The Road, photo: Urška Boljkovac
The aim of the dramatized poetry by Srečko Kosovel is to encourage the viewers to indulge in wonder as well as to soften, cheer up and rock themselves into the simple rhythms of his verses. This poetic and puppet collage takes its viewers to the world of sensory, musical and imaginative theatre.
We thus invite you to use all your senses and enter the theatre, which in fact is the World itself and to allow yourselves to be amazed! It really offers so many interesting things … There are no puppets in our performance. But the animation is there! The animation of everything: space, material, objects, light, sounds, words, people. We animate the poet himself. We animate Srečko Kosovel, we animate the performance and we animate the viewers. Why? Our intention is not only to enjoy the images and events, mediated by the poems but also to capture their spirit.


Little Salamander Goes Across the Road is an interactive performance, aimed at practically all generations, which is why the activities preceding and following the event should be adapted to different age groups.

  • Children/ pupils should be given a preliminary presentation of the poetry of Srečko Kosovel, although this is not necessary.

  • Discuss the non-conventional mode of staging.

  • Choose a poem by Kosovel and create different fantasy images in sand. Discuss this very special artistic way of expression and research the ancient tradition, originating from Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Research the world of shadow with the help of graphoscope. Play with sand, water, colours and different materials.

  • Use a handkerchief to create different simple puppets: a dormouse, a dwarf, a bird …

  • Do you remember the finger play that goes with the poem Mravljica (Little Ant)? You can find several similar plays in the book by Igor Cvetko Slovenske otroške prstne igre (Slovene Children's Finger Plays, Didakta, 1996).

  • See the theatre booklet, made as a flipbook – a special »book animated cartoon« with successive pictures, creating an impression of moving pictures when folded and leafed through. Make a version of your own.

Premiere: 18.03.2013
Director: Matija Solce
Author: Matija Solce
Music: Matija Solce
Dramaturgy: Jelena Sitar Cvetko
Art design: Veronika Svobodová
Set design: Primož Mihevc
Proofread by: Magda Lojk
Performers: Polonca Kores, Miha Arh in Tjaša Koprivec k. g. in Nika
Light design: Matija Solce
Stage manager and sound engineer: Aleš Erjavec
Lights: Aleš Erjavec
Set technician: Andrej Slinkar
Set made by: Primož Mihevc, Veronika Svobodová, Marjeta Valjavec
Set design assistants: Iztok Bobić, Zoran Srdić, Mitja Ritmanič, Marjeta Valjavec