Pinocchio, foto: Miha Fras
The famous story about the long-nosed wooden boy Pinocchio was written more than 130 years ago by Carlo Collodi. The story about the woodcarver named Geppetto and his wooden puppet, revived by a fairy, is one of the most translated books of all times. It was first published in several sequels by a children’s magazine as The Story of a Puppet (La Storia di un burattino). In 1883 it finally came out as a book, entitled as The Adventures of Pinocchio (Le avventure di Pinocchio). This rather cheerful and roguish character, whose restless spirit takes him from one adventure to another, is destined to experience a whole world of temptations, obligations, fame, luxury and entertainment before he develops his humaneness, which will earn him his transformation from a wooden puppet into a boy. No wonder the little wooden hero has captured the hearts of children from all over the world! It has also inspired hundreds of theatre and radio plays, comic books, toys, cartoons and films.
This story, full of metaphysical scenes, magical and unusual landscapes, speaking animals, astonishing toys, comes to life in all its glorious picturesqueness in the newest puppet production, staged and visually designed by Silvan Omerzu. It features a genuine spectacle of animation, puppets of different techniques and dimensions, acting, movement, shadows and music.

PREMIERE: April 2015, Grand Stage LGL

Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana / Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Umetniško društvo Konj
Coproduction LGL and Umetniško društvo Konj
Director: Silvan Omerzu
Author: Carlo Collodi
Translator: Albert Širok
Dramatization: Silvan Omerzu
Dramaturgy: Zala Dobovšek
Performers: Miha Arh, Nina Ivanič, Asja Kahrimanović / Iztok Lužar, Sonja Kononenko, Polonca Kores / Gašper Malnar, Maja Kunšič, Iztok Valič g.a., Boštjan Sever g.a.
Songs by: Saša Eržen
Set design: Silvan Omerzu
Composer: Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Move: Branko Potočan
Proofread by: Irena Androjna Mencinger
Light design: Jaka Šimenc