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Hard-Heartedness Punished or Parsley’s Mother is in Debt

Hard-Heartedness Punished or Parsley’s Mother is in Debt
Performed with replicas of the original puppets from the 1940s, this puppet play makes its comeback to the stage with a refreshed look to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the publication of the puppetry book Pravi ljudski oder / The Real Folk Stage (1934). Mrs Parsley is unable to pay the rent on her small room. The landlord therefore seizes her bed. Pavliha sets out to help her, but meets numerous difficulties on the way. The story is exciting and is packed full of witty dialogue, and children are encouraged to actively participate.
Niko Kuret is considered to be our greatest ethnographer and his work has proved valuable in the development of Slovenian puppet theatre. It was he who introduced hand puppets, first in Kranj in 1934, and established them through his later editorial work at Radio Ljubljana. In his puppet plays he replaced the German-influenced Gašperček / Kasperle with the Slovenian merrymaker Pavliha. Books such as the handbook Pavliha (1942) and the collections Joyful Home and The Puppet Stage opened the doors of Slovenian homes to puppets, and in turn made Kuret an acknowledged founder of hand puppetry as a form of folk theatre catering to children on a larger scale.

Hard-Heartedness Punished or Parsley’s Mother is in Debt is part of the Puppettheque museum programme which intends to bring back to life some classic puppet performances.

Premiere: 19.12.2014
Director: Edi Majaron
Text by: Niko Kuret, Wilhelm Karsch
Reproduction of puppets by: Agata Freyer, Maja Peterlin
Set elements and props: Agata Freyer
Assistant director: Brane Vižintin
Performed by: Lovro Finžgar, Nik Škrlec
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