Peter Pan

Peter Pan
Peter Pan is a tale of never-ending childhood. The main hero’s greatest wish is to remain a child forever, as he is convinced that growing up robs people off their imagination and makes them boring. Peter Pan is also one of the most known and famous fairy tales that revolves around the eternal theme of growing up, discovering of new sensations and accepting responsibilities. It is, at the same time, rounded up by a great deal of magic and symbolism. The young hero doesn't want to grow old, he doesn't even want to grow up. Instead he wants to fly, fight with Captain Hook and explore the Neverland. This clever and lively boy has been conquering children's imaginations and hearts all over the world for more than hundred years, since his character has been revived in many films, musicals, plays and books.
The popular fairy tale will be staged as a play with dancing and singing, and therefore inspired by the Noh Theatre, where the performers are passing on the role of narrator to each other, and thus generating the dynamics of the action on stage as a living organism that is constantly changing its character. This interactive and minimalist staging will lift the veil on the fairy tale world using particular stage props and precisely designed lighting and thus offer two fundamental elements for a particularly sensuous experience of this popular story.

Yulia Roschina is a promising young director, whose directorial oeuvre already ranges from drama and puppet theatre to operas and librettos. Her projects are marked by a strong visual and refined aesthetics, accurately revealing the entire spectrum of human spirituality. 

PREMIERE: April 2017, Šentjakob Stage LGL
Director: Yulia Roschina
Author: James Matthew Barrie, Jera Ivanc
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