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Sunflower on the Shoulder

Sunflower on the Shoulder
After it was first published in 1975, the anthology Sunflower on the Shoulder has already seen four editions; the latest one expands the treasury of the rich and variegated Slovenian poetry for young people with select contemporary authors. This extensive book contains 64 Slovenian poets, offering a very precious overview of Slovenian poems for children. The artists will stage poems that open (children’s) emotional worlds and talk about feelings and the inner turbulences of love, fear, courage, resistance, unhappiness, friendship, mourning and joy. They will be inspired by the poems of, among others, Feri Lainšček, Svetlana Makarovič, Miroslav Košuta, Lila Prap, VinkoMöderndorfer, Saša Vegri, Andrej Rozman Roza, Barbara Gregorič Gorenc, Milan Dekleva, Boris A. Novak, Niko Grafenauer, Miklavž Komelj, Peter Svetina, Borut Gombač, Bina Štampe - Žmavc, Jože Snoj and Ervin Fritz.
The staging will start off by presenting to the children and adults the intertwining worlds of poetry, music and theatre and go on to combine them all into an explosive mixture that will implode in the minds of the young audience on contact with their infinite imagination. The staging will flee logic and ignore the everyday. It will celebrate untamed art originating in abstract worlds, irrational oddness, illogical imaginativeness, unexplainable multiplicity, illogical elusiveness, unusual explanations and poetry for poetry’s sake. That is poetry.

That is the staging of poetry. A performance-poetry.

Marko Bulc
-Mare is a theatre director who also works as an actor, playwright, dramatiser and intermedia artist. In recent years, he has intensively worked on performances for children and young people, which he wants to approach experimentally and by questioning and changing the conventional means of expression.

Premiere: February 2018, Kino Šiška (in the framework of the 9th Ljubljana Festival of Culture and Art Education Bobri)
Director: Mare Bulc
Author: Anthology of Slovenian Poems for Children
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