Rabbit’s House

Rabbit’s House, foto Jaka Varmuž
Rabbit’s House is a story about how every one of us can find themselves in a distress and without a roof over our heads and about how nice and important it is for us to help each other when that happens. In our story, a frog, a squirrel, a badger and a bear help a little rabbit who loses his home. With their goodwill, joy, decisiveness and kind-heartedness, they chase his dark thoughts away and together build a new house. During this, the fox hides in the bushes. She does not feel like helping because she is a fine lady, but she is still curious at first and then jealous. She, too, would like a new house. Why did they build it for the rabbit and not her? How could she get it? Perhaps through a ruse? The fox is clever and thinks of an incredibly unusual way. But luckily the ones around her are not stupid. She remains alone in her swindle and, in the end, there is nothing left for her to do, but shovel away the mud she made her bed with.
We all want a safe and pleasant nook in which we would live peacefully and carelessly. Some have it and some do not. But even those that have it can lose it through some mishap or it can happen that their home is suddenly no longer safe. The greatest fortune in a misfortune is having someone help you.

This is what Anja Štefan will wittily unveil to us in her fairytale style, and the puppets will come to life in the colourful design by Hana Stupica, whose favourite animals are precisely rabbits… This is why we will go into the forest favourably inclined and watch animals help each other with a song, friendship and a smile. People repeatedly forget all this, which is why it is right that playful and imaginative animals again and again teach us about the lightness and simplicity of life.

Martina Maurič Lazar is an actor/animator of the LGL ensemble, a director and since 2013 also an Assistant Professor of Puppetry at
Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Televisionin Ljubljana. She has directed several performances at LGL (Four Black Ants, Laila, Postman’s Fairytale), the last one being Tomorrow’s Party.

Premiere: May 2018, Small Stage LGL
Director: Martina Maurič Lazar
Author: Anja Štefan
Visual design: Hana Stupica
Cast: Iztok Lužar, Ajda Toman, Zala Ana Štiglic, Voranc Boh