PEEKABOOAn Experiential Performance, length 0 min

PEEKABOO, Illustration: Lea Zupančič
PEEKABOO is an experiential multimedia show for the youngest viewers, in which the rebuses or the picture puzzles, created by the renowned French illustrator Lucia Félix capture interest of the young viewers, gently rocking them into their first interactive theatrical experience, equivalently combining the elements of visual art, dance, music and new, modern technologies. Uncovering and covering some simple geometric shapes, the actress-dancer and the musician-actor create some new visual illusions, traversing from the two-dimensional experience of the picture book into the three-dimensional world of the theatre. What do we see? A square or a star in the night sky? An oval or a water lily in a pond?
This visual and theatrical experience that puts to the forefront children's imagination, curiosity and spontaneity is based on a play of their first spoken words, basic concepts and contradictions  (hide – find, build – destroy, find – lose, construct – demolish…). The creation of the genuine theatrical magic is further contributed to by the tactile monitors and new intelligent papers.

Lucie Félix is a renowned French illustrator and writer of the picture books, designed for the youngest readers. Her picture book 2 yeux received a number of French awards, and among other the Sorciere Award for the Best Picture Book in 2013. Her creation stems from admiring children's development, their intuitive and imaginative processes and their vast natural and spontaneous curiosity.

Mateja Bizjak Petit is a director, dramaturge and a poet, living in France for 25 years and meeting the young audiences her entire career.  She keeps asking herself: is there anything nobler from the initiation of our youngest viewers into the artistic freedom? A vous de voir.

Running alongside the show will be an interactive exhibition by Lucia Felix, prepared as a kind of creative playground, offering children an opportunity to experiment with shapes, colours and contradictions. At the exhibition space, where we are allowed to touch the exhibit pieces, we can also play tag, and hide and seek.

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and Collectif Ma-Théâ (Centre de Création pour l'Enfance) and Festival Mondial de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières (France)
Author: Lucie Félix
Director: Mateja Bizjak Petit
Visual Design: Lucie Félix