Alice in WonderlandA 'Betweengenre' Performance, length 0 min

Alice in Wonderland
With the story about Alice who is seeking for her identity during her transition from childhood to adolescence, the staging, directed by Magdalena Reiter, addresses the subject of a child's conflict as she grows up between her inner (mental and physical) and outer (adult) world. The dream world, within which the story is told, acts as a reflection of the modern adult world through the eyes of a child and the search for meaning in the world of nonsense, contradiction and instability of norms. Placed in the imaginative space is the quest for one’s own identity and the theme of the development of the girl's body; to grow and to grow up are synonymous terms for Alice.
As far as its visual design is concerned, the performance deals with the destabilisation of the world by reference to the visual art of the surrealists, relying especially on René Magritt's oeuvre. Thus the performance's set design traverses between the abstract and the real spaces, undergoing constant transformations and creating through abstract metamorphoses the in-between spaces that linger on the border between the fantasy and the real world. It allows the crossing of the lines between the visible and the invisible, the recognisable and the unrecognisable, the familiar and the unfamiliar. The use of the visual quotations from Magritt's works will challenge the general assumptions of reality.

The elusive nature of Lewis Carroll's literary source, widely discussed in a variety of studies and critics in the field of mathematics, arts, philosophy, psychology, literature and history, is undefinable within a single category or genre, since it also intertwines on its performing and multi genre level the language of theatre, dance, visual art and music. Alice's world of transformations and dreamlike fluid modernity questions the concepts of order and stability, and also encourages its young viewers to a more critical and independent reflection.

Polish choreographer, teacher and dancer Magdalena Reiter who has been creating in Slovenia since 2002, graduated from the P.A.R.T.S International Dance Academy in Brussels. In addition to her own projects, she has worked as a choreographer in theatre, film and opera productions, and has also been equally active in dance pedagogy; she is the initiator and artistic director of Vibra.

Premiere: January 2020, Stage under the Stars LGL
LGL & Anton Podbevšek Teater, Novo mesto
Author: Lewis Carroll
Directed and Choreographed by: Magdalena Reiter