Zaradi prenove Šentjakobskega odra je gledališče do konca septembra zaprto. Predstavo Rumena luna igramo v Plesnem in gledališkem centru.

SandpitA Creative Analogue Playground, length 0 min

In a vast field of possibilities, in a creatively exciting analogue playground, each of three young strangers build their imaginative world: castles, tunnels and versatile architectures and objects are formed from grains of sand particles. The sandpit is not only a space of creation, but also a space of socialising that soon becomes a joint game between young researchers. The sandpit comes to life with the figurines that play different roles, enters into a variety of relationships and thus tackles the themes of courage, friendship and loyalty. The search for a common language and coexistence leads to making agreements, forming rules and establishing a flow of everyday life.
As an active playground the sandpit encourages both cognitive and emotional developmental processes. It illustrates a transition from a child's initial, parallel game, into a joint associative play with occasional conflicts and final derivation into a collaborative game where everyone strives for a common goal. The social elements of children's play are a basis of the performing logic, which depicts at its conceptual level the creation and development of the human civilization from the construction of physical space through the settlement and arrangement of a common system, which requires a great degree of creativity, innovation and cooperation.

At its narrative level, the performance offers a humorous and dynamic acting, enriched with a combination of natural and unnatural, urban elements that also extend into the realm of new technologies. The acquired knowledge of international experts in the field of video expression is used; the performance incorporates, explores and integrates into the natural habitat different uses of video projection. Thus directed by Miha Golob, a special sand civilization is being built from the unspoiled grains of sand.

Miha Golob is a theatre and puppet director, who has received over the past few years, both at home and abroad, numerous awards as an author and puppet director. His concepts often rely on the idea of researching and reproducing of the already used material. He directed the Aquarium in the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre in 2017; this season he continues his journey through the analogue children's playgrounds with their archetype: a sandpit as a space of creation, socialisation and civilization.

Premiere: February 2020
, Stage under the Stars LGL
Author: Miha Golob
Director: Miha Golob
Visual Design: Primož Mihevc