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The Seamstress of The MistA Puppet Performance, length 0 min

The Seamstress of The Mist
Interwoven in every man is a special ability to hide his hardships and sorrow. This creates emptiness. It emerges in different situations and different ways. Mostly because of the loss of someone or something. Sometimes even the loss of oneself. In the emptiness we keep our losses, pain, and unwanted self. That is why we tend to conceal it. From ourselves and from the others. We believe that this is the only thing that can save us. Still, it is not quite so simple.
Rose's country is covered with fog that hides everything its inhabitants do not want to see. Rose hides her emptiness by concealing something else. She is a seamstress of the mist. Every morning she catches mist into her large butterfly net, persistently spinning and weaving fabrics, and thus coating everything her fellow citizens do not want to see. But Rose's country is soon veiled by dense mist that cannot be captured …

The performance was inspired by the picture book with an original title – La fileuse de brume –, conceived by the famous French writer Agnès de Lestrade and illustrator Valeria Docampo. With its gentle sensibility and symbolism the book uncovers the basic human need to reveal our emptiness. When we bravely enter it and illuminate it with a splinter of light, we become aware of the emptiness of the others and realise that we are not alone. Therefore, there is no need to hide it, but rather embrace it with a blanket, woven from the sun's rays.

Actress and stage director Tamara Kučinović graduated in acting and puppet animation from the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek and also completed her studies in puppet directing in St. Petersburg. Her work is characterised by various expressions in the field of directing, text writing, puppet designing, stage adaptation, etc. The award-winning artist is also an assistant professor at the Department of Acting and Puppetry of the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek. This will be her first directing at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.

Premiere: March 2020, Small Stage LGL
Author: Agnès de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo
Director: Tamara Kučinović
Visual Design: Alena Pavlović