StardustA science fiction labyrinth, length 0 min

Tristran Thorn is half-human, half-faerie, but he doesn’t know that yet. To get the most beautiful girl in Wall, he takes off to Faerie to look for a shooting star. The journey there is a long and dangerous one. On his exciting and amazing adventure full of trials and spells, he encounters numerous unusual creatures: dead princes, flying pirates, a unicorn, and, of course, a fallen star. As it turns out, the star is alive and beautiful, with long blond hair, and extremely unpleasant. As if this wasn’t enough, Tristran is not the only one to be looking for her. Despite fulfilling the promise given to his beloved girl, Tristran’s destiny takes a different route upon returning back to Wall.
Neil Gaiman (1960), one of the best fantasy writers, wrote numerous novels, short stories and comics, and received many renowned awards for his literary works. In 1999, the romantic adventure story Stardust was nominated for the Locus Award and was awarded the Alex Award in 2000. The American Federation of Libraries declared it one of the best adult books to also speak to young audiences.

Stardust is a fantastic journey into the land of dreams, where everything is possible. It’s a performance that brings together movement and words, body and video. The performance speaks to the spectator with its intensive images, sound landscapes, and music. The stage is a mirror through which your imagination takes you in a world that is an inverted picture of the world as you know it. You never know what to expect in the next moment. Increasingly unusual and unexpected events take place and things happen on their own accord. And then suddenly everything stops! The reason? The theatre, which is a machine for producing dreams, got stuck. The theatre needs the spectator's help—for real! Will the spectator succeed in finding their fallen star?

Maja Kline is a performer, choreographer, and writer. Her art and theoretical work are based on the practices of dreaming. In her choreography work and writing, she uses the Saphire® method, and imagination and dreaming techniques.

Premiere: February 2021, Stage under the Stars, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre
Author: Neil Gaiman
Directed and Choreographed by: Mala Kline
Visual Design: Petra Veber