The Steadfast Tin SoldierAn object and musical cabaret, length 0 min

The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Illustration Tina Dobrajc
Love has a multitude of expressions and takes various unusual forms. This story is about the love of a tin soldier for a paper ballerina. Out of twenty-six tin soldiers, this is the only one to only have one leg. He was made last and they ran out of tin to finish him. From where he is standing, he sees a beautiful young dancer who, much like him, is standing on one foot. One day, suddenly, the tin soldier falls out of the window on the street below. It is destiny that determines the beautiful, yet tragic, storyline.
The Steadfast Tin Soldier is one of the most famous stories by Hans Christian Andersen and his first story that is not based on an existing literary work or folk tale. Therefore, this story marks the beginning of the author’s original creative period. Written nearly 200 years ago, the story about the tin soldier has seen a number of adaptations, including ballet performances and animated films. This time, it will storm onto the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre stage directed by Matija Solce.

Toys, water, and fire are the three elements that bring together the act of playing with objects and the theatrical creative space of impossible objects. In his imagination, Andersen animates flowers, cups, and statues by attributing to them their own characteristics. If the flower is rampant, this means that it is cocky, if the soldier falls from the shelf, this means that he wants to run away. This way, characteristics of a single object will come to life by animating these objects with simple procedures. The performance is a pop-up book of rhythmic text, a counterpoint of various voice phrases on which the music structure will be based. The performance will appeal to a wider audience since it brings both a theatre and a concert experience. A combination of primitive animation and concert will be revived, with cabaret inserts and all-round colourful dynamics.

What about the tin soldier? His heroic journey is represented to do justice to his fame. Each of his stops is accompanied by a great clamour. The performance creates one of the most famous of Andersen’s stories with the help of an in-depth perspective of paper ballerinas, street rats, wooden horses, and soldiers who, in reality, didn’t want to become solders.

Premiere: February 2021, the Grand Stage of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

Part of the Puppets and Design European project.

Authors: Hans Christian Andersen, Matija Solce
Directed by: Matija Solce