Premieres 2016/17

The Tempest
William Shakespeare

The Tempest

DIRECTOR: Jaka Ivanc
A co-production between the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana and Gledališče Koper
Premiere: September 2016,
Gledališče Koper, Šentjakob Stage LGL

A lonely, desert island. Stranded on it after the shipwreck for the past twelve years are the rightful Duke of Milan Prospero and his now growing up daughter Miranda, both banished from Milan, when Prospero's avid brother took power and conquered the principality for the King of Naples, who is now sailing past the island, accompanied by his son, brother, the self-proclaimed Duke, and his entourage. Prospero, who possesses magic powers and is served by his airy spirit Ariel, »raises« a tempest, and thus all his former enemies end up shipwrecked on his island. There they are forced to face Prospero and account for their parvenu intentions, treacheries and past. The play has a happy ending – the son of the King of Naples falls in love with Miranda, and Prospero blesses their union, thus forgiving his former enemies all their evil intentions. Finally they all sail back to Italy.
Secret Society PGC
Anton Ingolič, Nebojša Pop Tasić

Secret Society PGC

Premiere: October 2016, Šentjakob Stage LGL

Secret Society PGC is a legendary text and children's classic story, written by Slovenian writer Anton Ingolič in 1958. He was one of the first post-war authors, who, inspired by the real life of young people in that period of time, addressed their topical issues through depicting their unusual adventures. Thus many generations of children used to grow up along with the very popular and famous Society of Pingoclavulus - or shortened PGC. We are therefore quite excited to announce a modern interpretation of the Secret Society PGC, which is going to see the light of the day for a very first time on our stage as well.
Requiem for The Future
Maja Smrekar

Requiem for The Future

DIRECTOR: Maja Smrekar
A co-production between the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana and Zavod Aksioma, in collaboration with the City of Women Festival
Presented as a part of the BiTeater project
Premiere: October 2016, Stage under the Stars LGL

The project Requiem for The Future, conceived by an interdisciplinary artist Maja Smrekar, will be presented as an experiment/performance, in which the human body is substituted by animals and machines. The pivotal question tackled within it will be: What is a machine as artificial intelligence and how can we build a dialogue between the animal and artificial intelligence? The link between the technology and nature will be established through animation. It has been several years now since the author started exploring the work with dogs on an empirical level, using elements of modern technology. She is particularly interested in creating spatial choreography, mainly performed by dogs and robots (what she actually deals with are synergic transitions between anthropomorphic, technomorphic and zoomorphic – the associations, which are evoked by puppets as well).
Svetlana Makarovič


DIRECTOR: Nace Simončič / Brane Vižintin
Dedicated to Sapramouse's 30th birthday
Premiere: October 2016, Grand Stage LGL

This year we are celebrating 40 years of the picture book and 30 years since the premiere performance of the legendary fairy tale. The author of its new visual design Jaka Judnič will bestow more animation options on his charming little heroes, conceived similarly to his animated films from the mid-1980s. The fairy tale's author Svetlana Makarovič will also conceive, together with the composer Milko Lazar, its brand new music arrangements. Also quite refreshed will be the performance’s sound recording, on which the viewers will be able to hear - beside Svetlana Makarovič in the title role -, Ivanka Mežan as Squirrel, Ljerka Belak as Little Frog, Alojz Svete as Doctor Woodpecker and Brane Vižintin as Mouse Fear.
Room on the Broom
Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler

Room on the Broom

DIRECTOR: Jaka Ivanc
Premiere: November 2016, Grand Stage LGL

Room on the Broom is yet another hit, written by Scottish writer Julia Donaldson, who is an old acquaintance of Puppet Theatre, and her loyal collaborator - German illustrator -, Axel Scheffler. They are also the authors of the famous picture book The Gruffalo and its no less popular sequel The Gruffalo's Child. In their new adventure we will embark again on a journey to the world of animals, only this time the place of the almost dreadful Gruffalo will be taken by anything but an evil Witch, and, consequently by a far more dangerous and hungry Dragon.
Peter Pan
Jera Ivanc
Based on the J.M. Barrie`s play

Peter Pan

DIRECTOR: Yulia Roschina
Premiere: April 2017, Šentjakob Stage LGL

The popular fairy tale will be staged as a play with dancing and singing, and therefore inspired by the Noh Theatre, where the performers are passing on the role of narrator to each other, and thus generating the dynamics of the action on stage as a living organism that is constantly changing its character. This interactive and minimalist staging will lift the veil on the fairy tale world using particular stage props and precisely designed lighting and thus offer two fundamental elements for a particularly sensuous experience of this popular story.
Karlchen Stories
Rotraut Susanne Berner, Saša Eržen

Karlchen Stories

Premiere: February 2017, Small Stage LGL

The collection of short stories about a little rabbit Karlchen was written by Rotraut Susanne Berner, a renowned German illustrator, who is also this year's winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award. The roguish Karlchen is like almost all children. He asks a lot of questions, he is polite, but also stubborn and he constantly makes up some extraordinary things  Sometimes he can be even sad, but soon his mood improves and he becomes happy again; well, and now and then, he can also become really unmanageable. He is only four years old, but he already wants to go to school. Sometimes he doesn't want to put on his shoes, or spits out his chewing gum on the pavement. These are the stories of the family, full of humour and heartiness. Although they are seemingly simple, they are interwoven with the precious moments children easily identify with and take them as their own. Karlchen is exactly the same as we all once used to be.
Miha Golob


DIRECTOR: Miha Golob
Presented as a part of the European Project Wide Eyes
Premiere: February 2017, Kulturnica LGL

The performance’s main element will be a bath tub. A transparent one. It will remind us of an aquarium. An aquarium as a children's playground for somewhat older children. An aquarium as a space for a theatre performance. An aquarium as a television. And, a bath tub is actually one of child's first playgrounds. A playground as a space for playing, learning and creating. And a space of child's first theatre experiences. A bath tub is like a sandpit, only that there's water in it instead of the sand. An empty bath tub is like an empty sheet of paper, waiting for us to fill it with water and step into it. A bath tub could be like a Pandora's Box, only that it contains no anger or hatred – just water.  Water as a source of life, or a source of knowledge about life, or a spell of life, or a philosophy of life. Like the water cycle. A journey from winter to summer. An universal story about relationships, balance and cooperation.
Little Queens
Eva Mahkovic, Jaša Koceli

Little Queens

DIRECTOR: Jaša Koceli
Premiere: March 2017, Stage under the Stars LGL

Cecilia is promiscuous, liberal and pregnant. Eli is ugly; she has bad skin, bad hair, bad body, quite bad clothes and bad marks. Regina is a queen, the most beautiful, the most successful and the most clever among the three of them; she has long hair, her mummy bought her a pair of Prada trousers in the Barberino Outlet, and when she passes her international A levels, she will enrol in the International Business School in Maastricht.
Cecilia has a sister, Tara, and Regina has a sister, Alma, who are both around thirty years old; they represent their adulthood, the possible future, in short, the reality. Tara has children. Alma likes to think that she has a career. They used to belong to the now broken up girl gang One More Time.
Virginia Wolf
Kyo Maclear

Virginia Wolf

DIRECTOR: Fabrizio Montecchi
VISUAL DESIGN (based on the motifs by Isabella Arsenault): Federica Ferrari and Agnese Meroni
Premiere: April 2017, Grand Stage LGL

The staging of Virginija Volk (Virginia Wolf) will be based on the motifs from the picture book by Kyo Maclean and Isabelle Arsenault. Vanessa has a sister Virginia, who feels wolfish and behaves that way too. She constantly howls, snarls and yelps, she is moody, she doesn't feel like hanging out with anybody, everything annoys her and nothing in this world can comfort her. But Vanessa decides to put her in a good mood. She tries just about everything, but it's not that easy. Finally, Virginia tells her that she would be happy if she could fly away. Somewhere, where there are muffins, beautiful flowers and trees, and where there is absolutely no grief. To the Flower Park! Without hesitation, Vanessa looks up for a box of crayons and the walls in the room soon become colourful and picturesque Virginia's room turns into a Flower Valley - a blooming garden, full of colours and freshness. Suddenly, everything
                                                                                                 begins to fly, and becomes bright and cheerful, including Virginia herself.
Based on the computer game Machinarium


DIRECTOR: Zoran Petrović
VISUAL DESIGN (based on the motifs by Studio Amanita): Marianna Stránská
Premiere: April 2017, Stage under the Stars LGL

The main inspiration for the performance comes from the homonymous Czech computer game – Machinarium. It is one of the most selling and winning games, created in the Amanita Design Studio. Little Robot wakes up lying on a dump outside the Robot City. He doesn't remember what happened to him and how he came there. While walking back to the city, his memory suddenly returns: there was a putsch and the power in the city was taken over by a gang of malicious robots. During the coup d’etat he lost his consciousness and was therefore thrown away as refuse. Little Robot decides to save the city, its inhabitants and above all his girlfriend. If a little, plain robot, lacking any special properties, characteristic for today's heroes, is capable of saving his people from the evil gang, than everybody can become a hero. Although he is tiny, physically weak and of average appearance, nothing of that really matters – what really counts is his courage.
Somewhere Else
Tin Grabnar

Somewhere Else

DIRECTOR: Tin Grabnar
VISUAL DESIGN: Matija Medved
Presented as a part of the BiTeater project
Premiere: May 2017, Tunnel LGL

Somewhere Else is a performance with a topic that is usually not easy to speak about. It tells us about a little Girl, who finds herself in the heart of war. Threatening planes are flying over the city, the streets are empty, and there is no food left on the shelves in the store. The school is closed. And every now and then gunshots are heard nearby. Her environment has gradually changed. It became intolerable. The Girl dreams of leaving to the countryside, where she could have a better life. She wants to go somewhere else, far away from the horrors of war. »I woke up this morning, brushed my teeth, as usually, had my breakfast and went to school. Everything was as usual. And only yesterday I was playing in the yard with my friends. Everything is different now. I can't go to the yard any more. It is too dangerous. And when I
                                                                                                 hear the thunder, my mummy and I have to run to the basement. I even don't see my friends any more. And
                                                                                                 the school is over. They shut it down.«