Premieres 2017/18

Misterij sove
Franz Pocci, Célia Houdart

Open the Owl

Director: Renaud Herbin
Co-produced by TJP – Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace Strasbourg, for adultsIn the framework of the BiTeater project
World premiere: 17th September 2017, World Festival of Puppet Theatres in Charleville-Mézières (France), slovenian premiere: 24th October 2017 

Presenting an intermedia interpretation of Sovji grad (The Owl Castle) entitled as Open the Owl (ouvrir le hibou) and conceived after the heritage of the pioneer of Slovenian puppetry, Milan Klemenčič, we are announcing the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana (Ljubljana Puppet Theatre) (1948). 

Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop!
Kitty Crowther

Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop!

Director: Ivana Djilas
Visual design: Barbara Stupica
Puppet performance, 2+

Premiere: 23rd September 2017, Small Stage LGL

Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop! is a tender fairytale for the youngest, which intertwines strong feelings and rich imaginations. A frog called Jeremy is afraid to go to sleep. What is the sound – scritch scratch scraww plop – he can hear under his bed? Jeremy’s father tries to convince him that there is nothing to be afraid of. 

King Matt the First
Janusz Korczak, Ana Duša

King Matt the First

Director: Anja Suša
Dramatic performance, 9+

Premiere: 1th December 2017, Stage under the Stars LGL

King Matt the First is a story of a boy who, after the sudden death of his father, the King, ascends the throne. Despite his efforts to rule justly and as he sees fit, he cannot bypass the ministers and the parliament, concerned only with the interests of adults and not children. In order to meet the needs of all the inhabitants, he establishes a children’s parliament. But instead of matters getting resolved, they become even more complicated and so Matt comes to realise that government and democracy hide numerous traps and dilemmas that cannot be solved in a simple way.  


Katja Povše


Director: Katja Povše
Visual design: Špela Trobec
Puppet performance, 4+
Premiere: 30th November 2017, Grand Stage LGL

Bert the Pilot piloted a kite that he had made himself. He loved Elvira and intended to marry her. But because he devoted more time to flying than Elvira, she decided to leave and make a new life for herself. She set out for America. Bert then got into his kite and flew after her. He came across a storm and his kite crashed in the middle of a desert. Now, Bert lives alone, in the middle of the desert. He made a home out of the shattered kite. Overwhelmed by an irrational fear of flying, he can no longer fly. It is only from below that he now observes the world he loved most. He soon meets his neighbours and when they find out that he is/was a pilot, they ask him to help them fly. They all have their own reason for wanting to soar into the sky. 

Sunflower on the Moon, photo Mankica Kranjec
Anthology of Slovenian Poetry for Children

Sunflower on the Moon

Director: Mare Bulc
Staged poetry, 5+
Premiere: 8th February 2018, in the framework of the 10th Ljubljana Festival of Culture and Art Education Bobri


After it was first published in 1975, the anthology Sunflower on the Shoulder has already seen four editions; the latest one expands the treasury of the rich and variegated Slovenian poetry for young people with select contemporary authors. This extensive book contains 64 Slovenian poets, offering a very precious overview of Slovenian poems for children. The artists will stage poems that open (children’s) emotional worlds and talk about feelings and the inner turbulences of love, fear, courage, resistance, unhappiness, friendship, mourning and joy.

Lučka the Dandelion
Gregor Strniša

Lučka the Dandelion

Director: Maruša Kink
Visual design: Tina Dobrajc
A journey for a blowball and a reflection

Premiere: 5th April 2018

Every dandelion gets a blowball. Who has never blown it and then observed its small seeds dreamily floating in the air? But Lučka the Dandelion is not an ordinary blowball. And she is not an ordinary dandelion. Because she wants to see what she looks like, she sets out from the meadow for the city. There, people look at themselves in shop windows and go to the cinema and the theatre to watch themselves. On her way, she meets unusual animals, plants, people and reflections. To see herself, she must overcome a few fears, make a few friends and travel along a few byways. 

Amit Drori


Direction and visual design: Amit Drori 
Robotic rituals
Co-production: LGL, Hazira – Performance Art Arena, Jerusalem (Israel), TJP – Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace Strasbourg and Theatre Garonne, scène européenne, Toulouse (France), in the framework of the European project N.A.A.P
Premiere: 10th April 2018

Monkeys, performed by people and machines, will be a journey into the reality of a group of exotic robotic monkeys. These beings, designed to the last detail, live in a mechanical universe erasing the distinctions between human beings and machines, between the “living” and the “dead”. As if not being aware of the outside world, the monkeys live in their perfect, artificial microcosm. In this complicated common world, various species of monkeys make love, give birth and die. They worship their god and play. They are cruel to each other, but also caring. Robotic monkeys were made to arouse in us a feeling of a deep identification, on the one hand, and trigger a reflection on how they differ from human beings and their “thoughts”, on the other. 

LGL Theatre Incubator


Mentor and director: Primož Ekart
For youth
Premiere: 24th April 2018 

A Brainstorm is a daring theatre adventure in which young artists, together with the director and actor Primož Ekart and other creative collaborators, will learn about the latest discoveries concerning the workings of a teenage brain. In this period of one’s life, as many as 86,000 billion neurons trigger various daily changes, and at the same time enable a youthful explosion of creativity, audacity, excitement and courage. Together with the dramaturge and storyteller Ana Duša and the master of movement theatre Sebastjan Starič, young people will train their body and voice, learn various theatre techniques and improvisations and through different phases of creation get to know the entire theatre process, which they will complete with a performance created in professional working conditions.

Rabbit’s House
Anja Štefan

Rabbit’s House

Director: Martina Maurič Lazar
Visual design: Hana Stupica
Puppet performance, 3+
Premiere: 10th May 2018

Rabbit’s House is a story about how every one of us can find themselves in a distress and without a roof over our heads and about how nice and important it is for us to help each other when that happens. In our story, a frog, a squirrel, a badger and a bear help a little rabbit who loses his home. With their goodwill, joy, decisiveness and kind-heartedness, they chase his dark thoughts away and together build a new house. During this, the fox hides in the bushes. She does not feel like helping because she is a fine lady, but she is still curious at first and then jealous. She, too, would like a new house. Why did they build it for the rabbit and not her? How could she get it? Perhaps through a ruse? The fox is clever and thinks of an incredibly unusual way. But luckily the ones around her are not stupid. 

Big-Eyes the Little Owl
Svetlana Makarovič

Big-Eyes the Little Owl

Director: Brane Vižintin
Visual design: Suzi Bricelj
Marionette performance, 3+

Premiere: 17th May 2018

Big-Eyes the Little Owl is the first work that Svetlana Makarovič wrote for children and also her first work staged at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. It was directed by Matjaž Loboda and premiered in 1972, bringing a pleasant and welcome refreshment to the repertoire, which at the time consisted mostly of foreign works. It was only thereafter that the most important Slovenian writers also started writing puppet plays. Makarovič created a sweet, nice and poetic story about a little whimsical owl called Big-Eyes, who decides she no longer wants to be an ordinary, nocturnal bird, but a day owl. The Moon tries to dissuade her, but to no avail. In the morning when the owl family crawls into bed, Big-Eyes puts on her sunglasses and boisterously flies into the bright day. On her journey, she meets a number of animals and has numerous adventures – also dangerous ones!

The Master and Margarita
Based on the motifs of The Master and Margarita by M. A. Bulgakov

The Devilish Triptych

Directors: Matija Solce and Mirjana Medojević
Intermedia omnibus
For youth and adults

Premiere: June 2018

The production of The Master and Margarita, divided between an interactive journey, visual installations and an object theatre - The Devilish Triptych, directed by Matija Solce and a theatre gospel Margareta, directed by Mirjana Medojević, is designed for adult viewers.