Knjigarna LGL je tudi poleti odprta vsak dan od 9. do 19. ure, ob sobotah do 13. ure.

Premieres 2019/20

Lapland Fairy Tales
Robert Crottet

Lapland Fairy Tales

A Music, Object and Empiric Show
, 3+

Directed by Matija Solce

Premiere: November 2019, Grand Stage LGL
The Blue Bird
Maurice Maeterlinck

The Blue Bird

A Mythical Journey, 12+

Directed by Tomi Janežič
Co-production: LGL & Slovensko mladinsko gledališče

Premiere: December 2019, different venues LGL
Alice in Wonderland
Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland

A 'Betweengenre' Show
, 9+

Directed and Choreographed by Magdalena Reiter
LGL & APT Novo mesto

Premiere: January 2020, Stage under the Stars LGL
Miha Golob


A Creative Analogue Playground, 5+

Directed by Miha Golob

Premiere: February 2020, Stage under the Stars LGL
The Seamstress of The Mist
Agnès de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo

The Seamstress of The Mist

A Puppet Show, 6+

Directed by Tamara Kučinović

Premiere: March 2020, Small Stage LGL

The Visitor
Antje Damm

The Visitor

A Marionette Show, 3+

Directed by Ivana Djilas

Premiere: March 2020, Grand Stage LGL
The Smartest Giant in Town
Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler

The Smartest Giant in Town

A Puppet Show, 3+

Directed by Jaka Ivanc

Premiere: April 2020, Grand Stage LGL
Little Birds Without a Nest
Fran Milčinski

Little Birds Without a Nest

A Theatre Performance, 12+

Directed by Primož Ekart
LGL in collaboration with the Residential Treatment Institution Planina

Premiere: May 2020, St. Jacob's Stage LGL
Neil Gaiman


A Multimedia Science Fiction Labyrinth, 5+

Directed and Choreographed by Mala Kline

Premiere: June 2020, Stage under the Stars LGL
In a Memory Loop
Meta Grgurevič and Maja Kunšič

In a Memory Loop

An Installation of Kinetic Objects, for adults

By Meta Grgurevič & Maja Kunšič

Premiere: June 2020