The Wizard of OzMusic performance, length 0 min

The Wizard of Oz, Illustration Tina Dobrajc
One day, Dorothy and her little dog get caught in a tornado and swept from dreary Kansas into a place so different from what she had known until that moment. There, in the land of Oz, time stands still and all wishes come true very quickly. In fact, one thought is enough to make them come true. Dorothy, however, is discovering the magic and secret rules of this world little by little, mostly through ordeals that she has to endure on her way back home. On her journey from east to west, from dawn till dusk, from unconscious to conscious, she meets various characters who will help her turn her fear into bravery, anger into gratefulness, hate to love, guilt to compassion.
The Wizard of Oz reminds us once again about the importance of building communities that enable individuals to take advantage of their gifts and talents and become wholesome people with a purpose. But where is our home? In reality, our home is everywhere we go—all that surrounds us, like the stars, birds, rocks, seas... is a mosaic of the dance of our lives.

One of the most popular all-American stories was written in 1900 by Lyman Frank Baum whose greatest wish was to write a fairy tale that would take children into a fantasy world ”where there’s only wonderfulness and cheerfulness, and no sorrow and pain”. Therefore, he created a story about searching for oneself and a better life. Overnight, the story became a classic and was soon turned into a Broadway musical.  The work is most famous for its 1939 film adaptation directed by Victor Fleming, starring Judy Garland and the song Over the Rainbow. The performance is intended for a younger audience, but its stage language also appeals to adults.

Premiere: April 2021, the Šentjakob Stage of the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

Authors: Lyman Frank Bauman, Jera Ivanc
Directed by: Yulia Roschina