Gimme ShelterCoproduction, length 70 min

Gimme Shelter
Are there places where you can feel safe today? Are there any shelters? The performance questions our relationship with the outside world today. One of the prisms is the social phenomenon hikikomori, i.e. voluntary social isolation. The phenomenon originated in Japan but is spreading elsewhere. It is about a person’s fear of the outside world, which causes him or her to withdraw indoors and to break contact with the outside world for long periods. The performance is framed by an atmosphere of ecological catastrophe, the characters in the performance refuse to leave their shelter, and they rely on being safe indoors. Outside, however, are survivors – “lost children” who are threatened by the polluted environment. Who can escape the dark future and how?
After graduating from ESNAM in October 2014, Violaine Fimbel established the company Yôkaï, which toured with its first show Volatile(s) in Finland, Germany, Brazil, Japan and Avignon (France). The company’s artistic identity is characterised by unsettling atmospheres as well as intertwinement of mechanised puppets and segments of modern magic, which the artist understands as an anthropological approach, reflecting her research in making the impossible possible, nurturing confusion, bringing the supernatural to life and thus offering her the theoretical background to support her instinctive processes. The company also draws its inspiration from visual arts (cinema, painting, sculpture, illustration, etc.) and literature.

With support from Teatroskop – Southeastern European network for performing arts, a program initiated by French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris.

In French with Slovenian surtitles.
Compagnie Yôkaï (France)
Conceived and Directed by: Violaine Fimbel
Performed by: Marta Pereira and Quentin Cabocel
Script Writer Assistant: Chloée Sanchez
Puppet Expert: Marjan Kunaver
Choreography Consultant: Jérôme Brabant
Ventriloquism Expert: Michel Dejeneffe
Magical Effects Expert: Arturo Fuenzalida
Lighting Designer: Tony Guérin
Set, Costume and Puppet Designers: Marianne Durand, Violaine Fimbel, Marie Guillot, Marjan Kunaver, Bérengère Naulot, Valéran Sabourin, Edward Baggs and Evandro Serodio
Sound Technicians: Marianne Durand and Nicolas Poix
Video: Sylvain Vallas