This is not the Gogol's nose, but it could be ... with a dash of Jacques Prévert , length 40 min

This is not the Gogol's nose, but it could be ... with a dash of Jacques Prévert
Gogol had an exceptional nose. He was supposed to be so majestic and agile that the tip of his nose and lower lip could touch, as in a kiss. It is, therefore, no coincidence that he wrote a glorious story Nose, which is the ode to this organ. French poet Jacques Prévert also boasts quite a unique nose. The show, a surreal exhibition full of nonsense and reference to pop culture, inspired by the kitschy Eurovision aesthetics with a touch of Russia in the 1970s, pokes its nose into many things. Especially into the stench of current world politics...
The Puppet Theatre A Tarumba is a professional Portuguese theatre company from Lisbon, estab- lished by Luís Vieira in Rute Ribeiro in 1993. It brings together artists from different fields of art: theatre, cinema, sculpture, dance, etc. In 2001, the FIMFA Lx – International Festival of Puppetry and Animat- ed Forms was conceived, which was awarded by the Portuguese Association of Theatre Critics in 2010. Through various workshops and with the creation of their production, they are bending artistic standards in the field of puppetry in Portugal. Their perfor- mances and installations repeatedly question mod- ern forms of puppetry.

A Tarumba is sponsored by República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura | DGArtes.

In English with Slovenian surtitles.
A Tarumba (Portugal)
Conceived, Directed and Performed by: Luís Vieira and Rute Ribeiro
Set and Visual Design by: Luís Vieira, Rute Ribeiro
Adaptation and Texts by: Rute Ribeiro
Executive Producer: Daniela Matos