An Unstable Air , length 30 min

An Unstable Air
In An Unstable Air, music is a poetic and sonic expression of animated materials and discarded objects that have lost their purpose. The main protagonists of the performance are glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans, pipes, aquarium faucets and microphones, navigating in the dimmed light between the field of decorativeness and the movement, accompanied by sound – a musical composition. Stage Director Laurent Bigot animates them with airflow, controlled by a compressor, whereas the mixing table defines how much airtime each performer gets. Although they are controlled in a way, they are also unpredictable at the same time, just like any other performance; and this one is built each time by different, unique musical compositions.
French Composer and Musician Laurent Bigot has always been interested in how to create music with the objects from everyday life and intertwine them with other fields of art. He develops his ideas in productions created in collaboration with various musicians, dancers, film directors, writers, actors and visual artists. Laurent Bigot is also a saxophonist in the French music group Musicabrass, which creates and blends music with sounds from the urban and natural environment. He is the inventor of various analogue systems, with which he designs live sound. He also creates unique sound objects, allowing a constant coexistence and interaction of music and scenography.

With support from Teatroskop – Southeastern Euro- pean network for performing arts, a program initiat- ed by French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris.

Laurent Bigot (France)
Directed and Performed by: Laurent Bigot
Produktion: Les Évolutionnaires