The Last TemptationLuftballett, length 49 min

The Last Temptation
The Last Temptation is the newest version of the so-called Luftballett. It appears in the form of the humanoid-contaminated lighting of the Katedrala Hall, a robot and two young women from an a cappella theatre. “Because the lights were too loud, aliens gracefully disappear into a black light. At the kind request of the robot Attitude, a green and an orange bag drown themselves among the audience. The show gently dances in your head, because no one else does. Because it is hot, two voices nicely embrace your neck. Beams of light accidentally tickle you at the back of the head to seduce you.”
As an academic painter, theatre and radio director and holder of Master’s Degree in Arts, Vlado R. Gotvan creates in the field of performance art, new media, performing and visual arts. As a “polymedia” artist he works with the intrusion of the real, manifestations, visual lectures and other paradoxical connections. His performance Luftballett 2.2. (Lutke Festival 2014) was the Best Production of the Year 2015, according to the Association of Theatre Critics and Theatrologists.

A polyglot play.
Vlado R. Gotvan (Slovenia)
Conceived and Directed by: Vlado R. Gotvan
Lightning Compositor: Jure Rubelj
Performed by: Marieke S. Werner and Manca Trampuš
Robotics and Video by: Matej Marinček
Camera and Film Editing: Baba Lan, Jaka Mihelič, Matej Marinček, Manca Trampuš and Marieke S. Werner and Jure Rubelj
Sound Master: Jure Vlahovič
Stage Technician: Gašper Pavletič Šenica
Vocal Coach for Ukrainian: Ganna Kyrnyza
Robots Psychoanalyst: Aljoša Kolenc
The Robot Attitude: Stefan Doepner
Supervisor: Simon Kardum
a=tF².: Igor Štromajer
Words by: Nisargadatta Maharaj, Mooji Baba, Danijel Dragojević, Gregor Strniša, Kara Loewentheil and Jacques Lacan