Carte Blanche (LUTKE 2022)Paint-theatre, length 60 min

Carte Blanche, Foto Alan Gerard
Carte Blanche is a fusion of visual, fine and performing arts packaged into a colourful collage focusing on the theme of divorce. With broad strokes of colour, the artist recreates figures that have shaped her life.

They come to life in a sombre parade and fill the stage, passing through different dimensions to tell their story. In a fragile, intergenerational, humorous and poetic collage, the artist asks what is left over of our past and what will we leave behind? Is it even possible to be a "blank slate"? The performance, which the artist classifies within the genre of the so-called paint-theatre, conjures up a brilliant universe of the poetic, abstract and at times absurd.

Michal Svironi is an award-winning independent theatre-maker from Tel Aviv who trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, La Sorbonne and with cult clown Eric Bluet. Her work, which has toured in over 20 countries, combines theatre arts with various crafts and continues to explore new ways to express deep psychological processes.

The participation is supported by The Embassy of the State of Israel in Zagreb. 

In collaboration with PIF festival and Sophia Puppet Fair.

For adults.
In English with Slovenian surtitles.

Michal Svironi (Israel)
Creation, set design and cast: Michal Svironi
Co-creation and music: Johnny Tal
Puppets and props: Leonid Alisov
Dramaturgy: Miki Mevorach
Production: Shani Louzon, EVE – Independent Theater and Performance Art Creators Organization