Corpus (LUTKE 2022)Theatre poetry, length 50 min

Corpus, Foto Martí Albesa
Corpus is an intimate encounter between sculpture, animator and musician in a space where a reflection on the relationship between the human, animal and plant body unfolds.

The poetic scenic dialogue raises questions about practises of objectification and attempts to find a way to interpret, transform and present them. Through the interconnections between the living and the objectified body, the rich possibilities of transformation are revealed on stage, beginning with the initial question: what is the connection between the unfinished work that undergoes transformation, our body that is constantly changing, and the tree that grows and is different at every moment? The body is a journey between the human being and its form, which slowly dissolves, shrinks and finally disappears.

The Catalan theatre practitioner Xavier Bobés is a self-taught artist who has been working with all kinds of everyday objects for fifteen years, exploring their poetic, symbolic and theatrical character. In 2003, he founded the visual theatre Playground. His work is characterised by incorporating ancient objects into a new imaginative process. In 2018, he was a guest at the LUTKE Festival with the performance Things Easily Forgotten.

With support of: Generalitat de Catalunya

For 14+and adults.
Xavier Bobés (Spain)
Creation: Xavier Bobés
Sculptural creation: Gerard Mas
Musical conception: Frances Bartlett
Stage construction: Pep Aymerich
Costume design: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS‎
Lighting design: CUBE
Creative advice: Eric de Sarria
Cast: Xavier Bobés, Frances Bartlett
Coproduction: L’Auditori de Barcelona in Teatros del Canal v Madridu. V sodelovanju z L’Animal a l’Esquena in Azala. S podporo Generalitat de Catalunya.