Fearsome (LUTKE 2022)Shadow performance, length 40 min

Fearsome, Foto Boštjan Lah
Mrs Darkness lives in the cellar. Every evening she comes out and crawls around the house. But by then Bine is asleep, so Darkness leaves him alone and he leaves her alone. One afternoon, during a game, Bine's red ball rolls unintentionally into the cellar.

Fearsome addresses the feeling of fear and the confrontation with it through an innovative performance narrative with light projections and elements of shadow theatre. Through the minimalist staging, we observe the interplay of two perspectives in which the eerie dark cellar and the optimistic boy Bine meet and try to explore their coexistence. Frightening is a light and shadow play in which the basic elements of shadow theatre are brought to life in a contemporary and disturbing way.

The Maribor Puppet Theatre became a professional theatre in the 1974/75 season. It stages performances for children and adults, organises the Summer Puppet Pier every year and hosts the main national puppet festival, organised every two years by the Foundation of Slovenian Puppeteers. It performs in Slovenia and abroad. The theatre is housed in the renovated Minorite Monastery in Maribor.

For the kids 2.  
In Slovenian with English surtitles.

Maribor Puppet Theatre (Slovenia)
Direction: Tin Grabnar
Visual design: Zala Kalan
Dramaturgy: Ana Duša
Music: Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Programming and technology: Borut Savski
Language guidance: Metka Damjan
Costume designer: Mojca Bernjak
Set design assistance: Thea Melin
Lighting design: Gašper Bohinec
Sound design: Jure Avguštiner
Slides: Domen Martinčič
Cast: Barbara Jamšek, Miha Bezeljak, Uroš Kaurin