Danes, v nedeljo, 28. 5., ob 18.00 žal odpade predstava MEDVED IN MALI.

ErsatzGuest performance from AIE AIE AIE collective, length 50 min

Photo by Laurent Guizard
Ersatz proposes a freely fantasized projection of the man of tomorrow. A vision of a possible monster, a bizarre result of the alchemy between man and machine, this solitary specimen can appear as the wobbly remnant of a technological revolution that has not completely landed on its feet.
An anticipation piece without words, Ersatz probes virtual reality through the misuse of objects. Between an amusing performance and a disturbing farce, Julien Mellano invites the spectators into a funny and mysterious treasure hunt, where language is articulated through devious bricolage and DIY special effects.Far from a well-ordered discourse on the future, Ersatz travels through a troubled world where the future is already present. The absurd and the miraculous meet and weave in a black hole to reach the vanishing point of our humanity, whether it is real, virtual or augmented.

Julien Mellano is an all-rounder: director, performer and scenographer, his creations are the result of a crossing over theater and visual arts. With his intriguing charisma and a formal simplicity, Julien takes all kind of audiences into enigmatic and funny worlds. Our landmarks falter; beauty and ugliness, body and spirit, distressing and delight are mixed up. The curious performances of Julien Mellano draw a modest ode to fantaisie. First identified with his small pieces of visual theater (Mon Oeil, Ma Biche et Mon Lapin, Gargantua), he is familiar with French and international stages that are interested in object theater and transversal forms.

Besides being the sound of drama about to happen, AIE AIE AIE (OH NO!) is a collective of artists who explore staging and its writings. Each one carries out his/her projects of creation, whilst the collective provides a meeting ground, and makes available the range of tools necessary for production and distribution.The artists share a curiosity for all forms of creation (theater, visual arts, music, etc) and a taste for the reimagining of images and objects. AIE AIE AIE has produced around fifteen shows, presented in a wide variety of contexts in France and internationally. AIE AIE AIE is supported by the Ministry of Culture - DRAC of Brittany, Regional Council of Brittany, County Council of Ille-et-Vilaine, City Council of Rennes.

AÏE AÏE AÏE is supported by the French Ministry of Culture - DRAC of Brittany, the Regional Council of Brittany and the City Council of Rennes.
This series of performances in Slovenia is financially supported by Spectacle vivant en Bretagne.
Created and performed by: Julien Mellano
External view: Étienne Manceau
Lighting: Sébastien Thomas
Sound device: Gildas Gaboriau
Music: Olivier Mellano, Mauricio Kagel
Set manager: Sébastien Thomas/Gildas Gaboriau/Denis Malard
08.06.2023 at 20:00
Stage: Grand Stage LGL