Once We Got LostDramatic performance, length 70 min

Once We Got Lost, foto: Miha Fras
Once We Got Lost is an astonishing, poetical and touching story about growing up far too quickly, written by the Danish playwright and stage director Lotte Faarup. It is a story about two children, who try to save their parents’ marriage and eventually get lost in the chaos of the grownups’ quarrels. The drama features a divorce as seen through children’s eyes, discussing freely, frankly and vividly what is actually happening behind the doors of the children’s room, when a war between the separated parents in raging in front of them, when the family idyll is replaced by jealousy, hidden aggression, fury and despair. Suddenly faced with a world that turns upside down, the two children (brother and sister) deal with their losses and stormy feelings in their own way.
The performance addresses the issue of a divorce in an amazingly refreshing way, without pretending, openly and frankly, without judging and morally or ethically opting for or against the actions of the main actors. Since we all know that it is quite necessary to talk about everything, theatre for children and young people certainly seems to be one of the most important places for such a dialogue. The show, which was first performed at the Danish Det Olske Orkester, was awarded the “Best Performance for Children 2013” – the Danish Reumert Award. 

PREMIERE: 7th May 2015, Stage under the Stars LGL
Author: Lotte Faarup
Director: Anja Suša
Translators: Lara Ostan Vejrup and Boris Ostan
Dramaturgy: Petra Pogorevc
Set Design: Zorana Petrov
Costume Design: Sara Smrajc Žnidarčič
Composer: Laren Polič Zdravič
Cast: Rok Kunaver, Jernej Kuntner, Ajda Toman / Nataša Keser a. g., Nataša Tič Ralijan a. g.
Choreography: Damjan Kecojević
Language Coaching: Irena Androjna Mencinger
Lighting Design: Srečo Brezovar
Producers: Ana Rokvič Pinterič, Pija Bodlaj
Stage Manager and Sound Designer: Aca Ilić
Lights: Srečo Brezovar
Set Technician: Darko Nedeljković
Set and Costumes made by: Zoran Srdić, Iztok Bobić, Marjeta Valjavec
Make-up Artist, Cloakroom Attendant: Nina Jordanovski