Goose the Bear

Goose the Bear, foto: Urška Boljkovac
Goose the Bear is a seemingly simple mix-up. One day a little gosling hatches out of a lost egg. From the first moment the little creature is absolutely convinced that it is a bear, since the very first thing it sees is the Bear's face. Hidden behind the tale's letters and imaginary forest's trees are some essential questions about coexistence and accepting of others. Is everything that seems different really so different from us? How much of our time and attention we are ready to dedicate to relationships with other people? Goose the Bear is a story about tolerance and acceptance of diversity.
PREMIERE: 21st April 2016, Small Stage

Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana / Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (1948) is the principal Slovenian puppet theatre, hosting puppet shows and drama performances for children, young people and adults. The theatre, which operates in 6 venues and premieres 10 performances every year, also boasts the production of 2 biennial festivals – the International Puppet Theatre Festival LUTKE and the National Festival of Performing Arts for Children and Young People Zlata paličica. Since autumn 2015the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre has also been showcasing Slovenian puppetry legacy in the Museum of Puppetry at the Ljubljana Castle.


Director: Ivana Djilas
Author: Katja Gehrmann
Visual Design: Donna Wilson
Cast: Urška Hlebec, Maja Kunšič, Iztok Lužar
Translator: Alenka Veler
Dramaturgy and Language Coach: Metka Damjan
Scenography: Ajda Vogelnik
Costumography: Jelena Proković
Composer: Blaž Celarec
Puppet Technology: Zoran Srdić
Lighting Design: Danilo Korelec
Music played by: Blaž Celarec, Boštjan Gombač, Žiga Golob, Uroš Rakovec, Adi Jakša, Marko Gregorič
Producer: Ana Rokvić Pinterič
Head of performance and sound designer: Aleš Erjavec
Lighting technician: Matej Vidic
Set Technician: Milan Škrbić
Puppets, Set and Costumes: Zoran Srdić, Donna Wilson, Jessica Money, Sian Leong, Rebecca Rae, Amy Burnand, Kate Morris, Sandra Birjukov, Marjeta Valjavec, Mateja Šušteršič, Polona Černe, Urška Rednak, Erna Štefanič Pislak, Uroš Mehle s. p., Darko Golob
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