Doodledee, It's Me!, Golden Stick Festival

Doodledee, It's Me!
The original project Doodledee, It's Me! is a playful visual, dance and theatrical performance, conceived for the youngest audiences. The »visual« is based on the drawings, made by the children themselves in the first six years of their lives. The lines, different shapes and forms are materialised as soft and flexible structures in a versatile colour palette, animated and danced by the dancers as their stage picture. The simultaneous action – dance and animation – also resembles the act of drawing itself or creating within the constant changing of stage design. Encouraged by the musical atmosphere of little bells, percussion and vocals, the world of colours and forms is moving, swirling and thus creating a range from simple to somewhat more complex figures to finally invite everybody to the stage to create a joint drawing.
The theatre for babies and toddlers was first developed in the Scandinavian countries. In recent years it has been asserting itself increasingly in Slovenia as well, mainly due to the AEIOU Theatre. Intertwining different artistic genres, adapted to the development phase of its youngest viewers, the AEIOU Theatre invites them to both observe and participate, thus paving the way for their very first contact with the world of art and theatre.

Premiere: 29th January 2016
Plesni Teater Ljubljana, Gledališče za dojenčke in malčke AEIOU / Dance Theatre Ljubljana, AEIOU Theatre for Babies and Toddlers
Direction and Choreography: Katja Kähkönen, Sanja Tropp Frühwald
Author: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše, Sanja Tropp Frühwald
Original Concept: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše, Sanja Tropp Frühwald
Set and Costume Design: Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše, Katja Kähkönen
Original Music, Vocals and Percussion: Zvezdana Novaković
Lighting Design: Janko Oven
Co-created and Performed by: Barbara Kanc, Tina Valentan
Sold out
07.10.2017 at 10:00
Stage: Grand Stage LGL
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