The Shit Book: The Poop Book, Golden Stick Festival

The Shit Book: The Poop Book
The Book about Poop by Pernille Stalfelt discusses without any restraints the theme that many of us still consider taboo. This educational picture book that does not convey a story, but rather deals with poops and pooping in its different manifestations and situations, is staged in the performance The Shit Book: The Poop Book as an amusing, interactive television show, hosted by Mr and Mrs Shit and also including video, animation and music. Joining their hosts, the children are observing different forms of poops, comparing their colour and density according to what we eat, remembering the situations when we suffer from diarrhoea or constipation, determining the term of cow-dung or horse turd, or goat poop ball and also finding out that poop can be used as a manure or that in some places around the world people even build houses from poops.
    • In her picture books, entitled as The Book about …, Swedish children's writer Pernilla Stalfelt deals with different themes, ranging from food or colours to time and life in a comprehensible language and light manner. The Poop Book (Bejsboken, 1997), translated by Silvana Orel Kos and additionally complemented with some puzzles and questions, written by Maja Planinc, was published by Ciciban in 2003. Pernilla Stalfelt also created an interactive cardboard on poop and fart.
    • In 2009, The Book about Death and The Book about Love were also published by Slovenian publishing house Didakta.

    Premiere: 7th January 2016

    Mini teater Ljubljana, Novo kazalište Zagreb / Mini Theatre Ljubljana, New Theatre Zagreb
    Direction: Ivica Buljan
    Author: Pernilla Stalfelt
    Visual Design: sonda3 + toni soprano
    Original Music: Jose
    Costume Design: Ana Savić Gecan
    Performed by: Jose and Petja Golec Horvat
    Sold out
    06.10.2017 at 09:30
    Stage: Small Stage LGL
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