Heart and Belly Button, Golden Stick Festival

Heart and Belly Button
The original performance Heart and Belly Button is a unique form of sensorial theatre, didactic and artistic playground, interactive installation and play room, in which the surgeons Dr. Scab and Dr. Skin take the little viewers on the tour around the mysterious world of human body. Putting on the surgeon’s caps and slippers, the children become their assistants. By entering into an imaginary operating room, where the Snot family is already waiting for them, they become acquainted with the organs and functions of their bodies in a relaxed, simple and playful manner. While touching and testing they are also looking for the answers to such questions as: where does the food go when we eat it, what moves my body, how the blood travels through my veins and how do we get to this world, and last but not least, where do all this questions come from ...
  • The performance was staged within the Experimental Labyrinth of the House of Children and Arts. The programme, designed mainly for the youngest participants, is conceived as an integral experimental and artistic adventure. The children, attending the performance, are getting acquainted with the mysteries of theatre, visual art, puppets, literature and other forms of art through fulfilling their creative tasks, playing, researching, discovering and testing.

Premiere: 24th April 2015
Gledališče za dojenčke in malčke AEIOU, Hiša otrok in umetnosti, Društvo lutkovnih ustvarjalcev, Zavod H'art / AEIOU Theatre for Babies and Toddlers, The House of Children and Arts, Society of Puppet Creators, H'art Institute
Concept and Direction: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše
Original Visual Design: Katja Kähkönen, Mateja Ocepek
Dramaturgy: Anže Virant
Sound Design: Miha Šajina
Performed by: Mateja Ocepek, Katja Povše/Anže Virant
Sold out
03.10.2017 at 17:00
Stage: Grand Stage LGL
04.10.2017 at 09:30
Stage: Grand Stage LGL
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