little blue and little yellow, Golden Stick Festival

little blue and little yellow
The performance was inspired by the original picture book, designed in a collage technique, by Italian author Leo Leonni. It is a story about two abstract characters, presented with the torn out colour panels, arranged against a predominantly white background. »Lionni made a good use of the rich narrative power of colours, shapes and compositional elements to convey his story,« wrote Dragica Haramija for its staging. Similar principles were used in the performance as well only in this case the visual elements were supplemented by a smart use of theatrical elements - small objects, animation, movement, light and music. The performance tells a story about the two friends, who - after joyfully hugging themselves -, become green, so that even their parents fail to recognise them when they come home. Through a dynamic game of colours the performance raises the questions about friendship, nearness, identity, appearance and content, about oneself and the others.
  • Little Blue and Little Yellow, 1959 - Leonni's first picture book -, was translated into Slovenian and published by Založba Miš on the eve of its theatrical premiere. The idea for the story struck its author while he was travelling by train. In order to shorten the journey to his lively grand children, he torn a piece of paper out of a magazine to make small reels of different colours. With a touch of imagination he began to create his story about little blue and little yellow. Also available in Slovenian is a selection of Lionni's sixteen picture books, published under the title Frederick tells … (Epta, 1998).
  • »In the world, full of empty words and images, the greatest charm of this picture book lies in its linguistic and visual minimalism, with which Lionni succeeded to conjure up a rich, deep and multifaceted message.« Dragica Haramija, PhD

Premiere: 16th April 2015

Lutkovno gledališče Maribor / Puppet Theatre Maribor
Director: Miha Golob
Author: Leo Lionni
Performed by: Miha Bezeljak and Anže Zevnik
Translation: Mojca Redjko
Language Coaching: Metka Damjan
Original Music: Vasko Atanasovski
Assistant Director: Natan Esku and Elena Volpi
Lighting Design: Miljenko Knezoci
Sound Design: Mitja Pastirk
02.10.2017 at 11:00
Stage: Cankarjev dom
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